Monday, September 29, 2008

Wien win situation.

Mr. Hare was delighted this weekend to receive email correspondence from Vienna. One Mr. Michael Rollig was enthusiastic in his praise of Mr. Hare's efforts blogwise, which heartened Mr. Hare no end.

Mr. Hare was even more heartened when he took the time to view Mr. Rollig's shoe company

As you can see from the lovely photography I have lifted from there, Mr. Rolligs attention to detail and aesthetics are top notch. Mr. Hare also learnt more about the art of shoe making and the materials, considerations and technical aspects involved, than in any other single website sitting before.
Mr. Hare thoroughly recommends.


Jenisse said...

I'm currently looking for some new wingtips. do you know where I can get some?

Mr. Hare said...

Hey Jenisse,

Church's do really good womens wing tips that look like mens.

You can see them here
`but they do even nicer ones at the stores in London. Contrast colours, even in gold and silver.

Hope that is some help.