Friday, October 31, 2008

Dunkin' Dese Nuts!

Savant Garde

Brandon from The Generic Man emailed Mr. Hare to let me know that they are dropping these patent Savant's for all you hep cats to rock through the Christmas party season. 
How lovely must it be to come from Southern California where you can actually consider wearing single sole shoes in colours to match the pacific sunset during the months of December and the new year. 
Mr. Hare can't help but contemplate the implications of salt damage and toe freeze as he dashes from the taxi through the sleet and snow of the harsh yuletide evenings of festive London, heat seeking in his gait.

While I was away...

Other blogs of repute reported on these oysters and crabsticks.
This is the best picture of the future president Mr. Hare has seen. It's just a shame T-Bone got all "executive producer all up in the video".
Obama = Oyster
Terry Richardson = Crabstick.

Original Fake room shoes collabo with Cause. Oyster? Crabstick? Can't decide.

Mr. Hare loves Comme des Garcons and Mr. Hare loves Dunks, but Mr. Hare is not sure about their ugly kid. Crabstick until I see a pair live.

So nearly Oyster but way beyond crabstick. Let's say Oyster card.

You can always rely on Ato to mix things up a little. These remind Mr. Hare of Napolean Dynamites drawing of a Liger.
For a geeky outdoor sidebrand this is a bit of an oyster.

This on Sunday Best is actually a pearl.

Lineapelle. Some thoughts

What exactly does this mean?


No wonder the shoe industry is confused.

Why do so many shoe industry people wear Hogans?
Your comfort is making Mr. Hare very uncomfortable.

How good does stingray look in Man colours?

How can the weather be so lovely in Bologna but snowing in London?

Why do I have to travel all the way to Bologna and walk through the pouring rain to the marvelous Barrow store to get my first glimpse of these fantastic Tom Ford shoes, (check the sculpted, swooping curves of the outside foot) only to find they are closed for lunch from 12.30 to 15.30? How much sustenance does a retail professional need?

Boot Camp.

What is the correct footwear choice for Hellfire? And is soft street the same as the tough streets? These sartorial decisions have plagued us all. Thankfully and in large part to ACL for drawing Mr. Hares attention, we can find the answers to these everyday conundrums at The Boot Pro. Possibly the most fascinating collection of work footwear Mr. Hare has ever seen.

Dear Mr. Hare,

I am looking for something with a bit of a heel as all this lugging has given me calves to die for. I am also looking for something with oil resistance and toe protection but I don't want to compromise on detailing. What would you suggest?

Dear Mr. Hare,

I am in love with this seasons boot offerings from Rick Owen's but at the same time I am a flashy kind of guy with a more formal bent. I am looking for something rogueish but with quick removal options.
Dear Mr. Hare,

Only you can help me. I have a job, but I am also a Packers fan. What hope is there for me?
Dear Mr. Hare,

You have probably been asked this a gazillion times already but, some friends have recently moved to Hellfire and invited us over for the weekend and I just don't know what shoes to wear. Please help!
Dear Mr.Hare,

Some Armish friends are having a little barn building get together and I have been assigned to the roofing group. I wanted to wear something appropriate but individual. I am guessing everyone else will be wearing black.

Seriously though, Mr. Hare is thinking about building something with powertools.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mr. Hare. International Shoe Guy.

Mr. Hare will be away for the next few days at Lineapelle in Bologna to find out what will be happening in the future of shoe leathers. It's a full time job this blogging thing.

On my return there will be pictures and stories and anecdotes and some inside scoop.
Although I would much rather be going here!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Window shopping at

Here is an interesting selection of shoes currently available at
TheCorner is an online department store run by Yoox and carries all their higher end brands.
Mr. Hare thought you might like something to whet your weekend
Premiata Uomo

Premiata Uomo

Raf Simons

NDC Made By Hand
Bruno Bordese

Bruno Bordese

Kris Van Assche
Bruno Bordese
Bruno Bordese
Bruno Bordese
Marc Jacobs
Maison Martin Margiela
Bruno Bordese

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My new Hare Force Ones

Mr. Hare's personal shiny bumper and black glove dress Force 1's from NikeID.

Hare Wood

A smile came to the face of Mr. Hare when he happened across this image for the sleeve of YBA turned OGBA/poptress Sam Taylor-Wood's new single 'I'm in Love With a German Film Star'.
I have not heard STW/PSBs version yet but the original 1981 version by The Passions is a Mr. Hare favourite. As is Sam Taylor Woods 2001 self portrait entitled,
Self Portrait in Single-Breasted Suit with Mr. Hare, 2001

Something Elsa

Mr. Hare recently visited Antwerp in homage to his favourite designers and in hope of soaking up some of that Flanders fashion twist. Antwerp did not strike Mr. Hare as particularly vibrant, but on second thoughts it isn't where Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana went to college is it?

The highlights for Mr. Hare then were a list of three.

1. The Maison Martin Margiela 20th anniversary exhibition.
2. Fiskebar where they serve a soup de poisson that will warm your heart.
3. A marvellous shoe store called Elsa that answered many of Mr. Hare's current mysteries.

Such as these shoes which, Mr. Hare spotted in the 3.1 Phillip Lim show and thought were snakeskin oxfords, but turns out they are woven derby's.
And Mr. Hare now knows where this dude got his shoes from.

And Mr. Hare also has these three badboys to look forward to next SS09.
This shoe house utilises the Belgian design genius of ex Dries, Margiela, Armani shoe designer, Els Proost and the fine Italian production skills of Angelo Penazzato, (ex Costume National,  Chalayan). Therefore the end product is intelligent and playful but beautifully constructed from fine hides. Very modern.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Buck 'em down!

Mr. Hare is loving these buckshotted Adler brogues from Gieves & Hawkes.

I never even knew they had a sense of humour.

Unlike Matthew Schneier at who first alerted Mr.Hare to them.