Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hare maxing

Another perk of bloggism which Mr. Hare has only recently become acquainted with is being buttered up by the man. As I always say, Game recognise Game and today Mr. Hare was invited to design his own NikeID's in the private NikeID lounge at Niketown LDN.
So immediately I am thinking Storm grey ostrich AF1s with platinum aiglets, lined in natural glove leather with Mr. Hare embroidered at the back instead of NIKE. Dope right?

The choice isn't quite that extensive and as anyone who has used the NikeID service knows you don't get exactly what you want, but you get what you need. In Mr.Hare's case it was a smart pair of sneaks that I could rock with a tux for stoosh. Dull black leather to represent Jermyn street calf. Shiny toe bumper so it looked like a soldier had polished them. Silver lace tips. White mid sole so they didn't look like a black brick. Black sole to complete the look. 
Out Lanvin, Lanvin is where Mr. Hare's head was at.

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to a screen grab of my... Hare Force Ones!

I shall, as you may also, await with eager anticipation for two weeks or so for these bad boys to land. Mr. Hare will keep you informed of progress.

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00o00 said...

very nice! i was at niketown last weekend and was browsing the shoes at the customisation lab too. they were so cool!

i would like to customise a pair for myself too!