Friday, October 31, 2008

Boot Camp.

What is the correct footwear choice for Hellfire? And is soft street the same as the tough streets? These sartorial decisions have plagued us all. Thankfully and in large part to ACL for drawing Mr. Hares attention, we can find the answers to these everyday conundrums at The Boot Pro. Possibly the most fascinating collection of work footwear Mr. Hare has ever seen.

Dear Mr. Hare,

I am looking for something with a bit of a heel as all this lugging has given me calves to die for. I am also looking for something with oil resistance and toe protection but I don't want to compromise on detailing. What would you suggest?

Dear Mr. Hare,

I am in love with this seasons boot offerings from Rick Owen's but at the same time I am a flashy kind of guy with a more formal bent. I am looking for something rogueish but with quick removal options.
Dear Mr. Hare,

Only you can help me. I have a job, but I am also a Packers fan. What hope is there for me?
Dear Mr. Hare,

You have probably been asked this a gazillion times already but, some friends have recently moved to Hellfire and invited us over for the weekend and I just don't know what shoes to wear. Please help!
Dear Mr.Hare,

Some Armish friends are having a little barn building get together and I have been assigned to the roofing group. I wanted to wear something appropriate but individual. I am guessing everyone else will be wearing black.

Seriously though, Mr. Hare is thinking about building something with powertools.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Hare knows what he is talking about.
as a trend analyst i can say Chippewa and Dr Martens are on their way to blow 2009/2010.

i'm busy with it since many months now.

Mr Hare rules