Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Broadband is a human right.

Can you believe this shit? Cutting people off for illegally sharing copyrighted material. Using arguments like illegal file sharing is damaging the economy. Peter Mandelson even buying that shit. I have always liked the man. Defended him in many arguments. I have never seen a penchant for well cut suits, manicures and getting wasted at carnivals in Rio as a hindrance to a public servants ability to operate, and what an operator Mandelson has been over the years. David Geffen, another shrewd player like him or hate him you can't deny he has made some incredible shit happen. Nirvana for instance, The GZAs Liquid Swords, but two things rile me here.

1. I would like to see two comparative graphs. One showing the damage caused to the economy by illegal file sharing and another quantifying the funds that figuratively disappeared up the noses of the same industry the down-loaders destroyed during the years that they were making CDs for 10p and selling them to us for £12. You guys had it good for a long, long time. You got super lazy and the world passed you by. Get clever about it, not belligerent.
Led Zepplins stimulus contribution in the run up to the collapse and eventual sell off of all of Britain's natural resources and manufacturing industries during the 70s.

2. Someone downloads the equivalent of £2.97 worth of copyrighted material (that's 3 singles at the i-tunes store) and it is deemed exceptable to remove that persons, and the other people who may share that connections, ability to communicate in the modern world.

Are you Tripping?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have business to attend to in IBIZA...

I will be back next week sometime. Meanwhile...Check it out YO!

Last time I pay someone £75 to agree with me for an hour...

Viewing art for 40 minutes reduced stress as effectively as 5 hours of postwork decompression, according to a study measuring levels of the stress hormone cortisol among London office workers. And a study of people in 30 countries showed that the most popular method for reducing stress was listening to music—ranking just above watching TV and taking a bath. Having sex came in sixteenth, and consulting a psychologist placed last.

Psychology Today, July 19 2009.

Monday, August 17, 2009

6-1 To the Arsenal

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words regarding the last post but I would especially like to thank Arsene Wenger and the whole Arsenal team for doing Everton so conclusively on the first day of the season. Love and Football are pretty close.


Mr. Hare, the blog is also 1 year old today. What a year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today, I traded a dream for a lesson.

The first bullet entered my chest in the middle of my ribs on the lefthand side. It may have pierced my heart. The pain was intense. The last thing I heard was my wife telling me "she had met someone else". I believe that projectile ricocheted off a rib, ripping through other vital organs, before exiting my right hip. It seemed an age before the next round of automatic fire completely obliterated my lungs, liver, kidneys and lower intestines. I was still standing somehow, but it was not long before my legs gave way, just like my marriage had done moments before.

Despite my psychophysical injuries, I am in a stable condition, hooked up to a constant intravenous of Marvin Gaye. He is love morphine if you ever find yourself in my situation. There is no pain he has not wrapped his sublime vocal around. Friends visit and I see their lips moving, but the questions all have answers in my head that were answered many times over the years. I knew I shouldn't have married her when her wedding kiss made my soul shiver.

I gave her all the love I had though. A sick part of me is almost happy that she might now be happy. Only love could react that way.

Prognosis is positive.

This is a true story.

Your faithful correspondent,

Mr. Hare

(At least I get to keep my name).

Friday, August 07, 2009

Boom Chica Wah Wah!

Last Friday I went to the opening of my friend Sharmadean Reid's nail bar called Wah Nails. Besides being most likely to be Britains first black lady prime minister, Sharmz is a one woman dynamo from Wolverhampton, Goldsmiths Grad, Sportswear editor of Arena Homme Plus, responsible for inspiring your faithful correspondent to assume the bloggers duty with her wahappenings.blogspot , the founder of Wah Magazine and recently engaged to some lucky guy.

I know a lot of London girls secretly follow Mr. Hare on the Reg Reg, call it research, intellectual engagement, a void filled, Whatev's, I don't know your man, but next time you got to "get yer nails did" to match your new Air Max 90's or APs, I thoroughly recommend you get down to Wah Nails.
Tell them Mr. Hare sent you. I would be interested to know the reaction.

If you have caught my recent You Tube appearances then you will have noticed Mr. Hare is not too shabby in the hand and fingernail department either, so while I was there I bought myself this badass Zebra nail file...
With the ill fluffy buffer on the back.
All of which begs one question...

Guys! If I am looking after all your shoe needs, who is looking after your nails?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

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Monday, August 03, 2009

I had better buck my ideas up.

Check out Dean Mayo Davies' social observations about the role of sportswear in the new generations view of luxury, published on It darn near renders Mr. Hare obsolete. I'd better think about that.