Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's start as we mean to proceed.

You can tell my mood, state of mind, objectives for the day and intentions for the evening with a simple glance at the shoes on my feet. I read others in exactly the same way. Many people are not literate like this, but I find most people with a point of view are and enjoy this kind of conversation. Henceforth, I dedicate this blog to the cultivation of greater shoe dialogue in the modern age.

Shoes are a measure of a man, for a man who doesn't look after his shoes may be ill equipped to look after you, should the situation arise. A True Shoeist dresses from the ground up, with silhouette, proportion, fabric and colour all dictated by the shoe de jour. This alone gives us much to discuss. So here is a stab at a mantra of sorts, which will change over time, but we should start somewhere.

The Shoeist believes;

1. Wear different shoes everyday in order to challenge your wardrobe.
2. Shoes and trousers are a double act. The best shoes in the world are nullified if not compatible with your hemline. The alterations professional is a shoeists best friend.
3. Anything goes if carried off with conviction.
4. Pre distressed is presupposed. Your born and you grow into yourself. Take pride in yourself.
5. Proportion. Proportion. Proportion. It's important.
6. When choosing shoes the first thing should be the last and the last should be the first.
7. One needs only a beautiful black shoe, a chuck taylor and a flip flop to survive, but to truly live...
8. Unlike a good car, a good yacht or a good mansion, a good shoe fits in hand luggage and yes it is the first thing a good woman looks at.
9. Good shoes are a reflection of you. Not the reverse.
10. We all age. With good care, love, daily variety, hindsight, natural oils, and a lover to please we grow old gracefully. The same is true for shoes.
11. Please Vote Obama.

Welcome to the first of many conversations relating to shoes.

Yours solely

Mr. Hare

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