Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chelsea...Who are You!

Frank Lampard of Chelsea Football club earns £140,000 a week.
If he could rock a Chelsea boot as convincingly as our man from Margiela below, I would say he deserved it, but he never will, because he's only a footballer.
You see Fat Frank, as he is affectionately known by most people would not
appreciate the way a chelsea boots sole
purpose in life is to afford you an attractive ankle silhouette which your trouser leg, as if in a Marvin/Tammy Tyrell harmonious duet, should follow. If you can slide your wallet up your hem in chelsea boots then you are wearing the wrong pants. Creating an effect Fat Frank might describe as a bell end. Length of trouser is also important. A Chelsea is a shoeist exercise in refinement. Bunching, or cabbage foot is not the desired impact. Worn with these simple observations a Chelsea boot is a the male equivalent of a six inch stiletto on Giselle. Without them, you might as well wear Uggs.

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