Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is he really BLACK?

I have heard this question a lot lately.

It has been written in more place than one that Mr. Hare - A black shoe company, deals only in black shoes. This has been grossly recontextualised. Mr. Hare Black shoes are black as in, of the night. Not literally. Although this is quite a good idea. Mr. Hare shoes are based primarily on the requirements of nocturnal pursuits. Should they be required for daytime action they are perfectly literate. But the night time is the right time! That is what Mr. Hare means by Black.

All of the following are Mr. Hare shoes yet none could truly be described as strictly Black.

These ones are even black and white.

Just felt the need to clear that up.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Stingray Orwells by Mr. Hare

Sorry I have not been blogging much lately, but as you can see I have been alternately productive.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

London Fashion Week

Mr. Hare will be showing the premier collection 'Purest Form' from 20-25 Feb 2009 at

7 Garrett Street

For Press and Sales appointments please contact

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Mr. Hare will be in Las Vegas from Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th February at the Compass show. If you want to view the fabulous Mr. Hare collection then holla at me boi! (
Mr. Hare will be staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. You will easily spot me, I will be the classy guy by the pool with nice shoes on.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Meine Damen und Herren...

Last weekend, Mr Hare was fortunate enough to find himself in the wonderful city of Berlin with a weekend to use at leisure (first one this year). My hosts and good friends moved out to Berlin, not one month ago, to seek out an alternative life and Mr. Hare was their first visitor from the west. The following are some of the things we did and saw.

First stop Ostbahnhof to view what is left of the wall twenty years on.

Ms. Claire Board, one half of my lovely generous hosts.Mr. Matthew 'Badboy' Pilley. The most stylish and entertaining host one could ever wish for.

The first Hitchcockian bird moment of my trip. More later.

The wall is as much a political statement now as ever. This reinterpretation of the Brandenburg gate asking 'Qui Baise Qui?'

A little over twenty years ago scaling this wall from this side would have resulted in death.

Doin it Cool For the Eastside!

Berlin is littered with fine examples of fine German automotive engineering from the last century. This 230CE was almost pristine.
La Berlinica

Yo Mr. JJJJound, check out this 1803.

Take this address and phone number if you find yourself in Berlin for the kind of bohemian brasserie experience you would be hard pushed to find even in modern day Paris. The place is lined in original 20th century art from just about every important artist. The Entrecote is sublime and the service impeccable.
In Berlin on a budget though, you could live on Currywurst and Gluvine for mere sheckles.
Ms. Board appreciating some table side Peter Beard featuring Bridget Bardot.
Mr Hare and hosts visited the Manufactum store. Possibly the most amazing selection of products Mr. Hare has ever seen in one store.
We were situated in the Mitte (Eastern centre), a fine example of Eastern Berlin architecture. A living monument to the good intentions of an past ideology. Space is something that was certainly distributed with every individual treated equally and adequately.
Mr. Hare gained much pleasre merely gazing through the incredible collection of books and music, belonging to my hosts current landlord.
This is ten minutes after the previous photo. The Berlin streets are amply lined in trees. Mr. Hare belives that at the other end of the weather scale, Berlin is highly likely to be a very charming place.
Mr. Hare in Playahosen.

Shoe recycling! Mr. Hare would love to see what passes through this box if the flea market is anything to go by.

5 Euros!

Square shouldered beaver coat, 20Euros but we probably could have got it for 10 if the guy wasn't so nice. Terrracotta microfibre apres ski glamour parka with buckle fastenings, 15 Euros down from 20.

Don't ask! We spent the afternoon in a Tea room on cheese toasties and Veneto when this puppet extravaganza appeared out of nowhere.

Random scooter in the street.

Those trees I was talking about.

Views at the end of our street

There is so much left in Berlin that Mr. Hare is curious to see. Berlin is a cool, cool city where the remnants of a whole different Ideology are ebbing away into something much bigger and better. If the credit crunch starts to really lean on you then you could do a lot worse than re-locate to Berlin.

My hosts are expecting their first child in May so Uncle Mr. Hare bought Lil' child this natty Sonic Youth bib on the previso that it is worn in the first pics of the bubba!

7am on the way to the airport the birds are circling Alexanderplatz. Spooky! No?