Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is he really BLACK?

I have heard this question a lot lately.

It has been written in more place than one that Mr. Hare - A black shoe company, deals only in black shoes. This has been grossly recontextualised. Mr. Hare Black shoes are black as in, of the night. Not literally. Although this is quite a good idea. Mr. Hare shoes are based primarily on the requirements of nocturnal pursuits. Should they be required for daytime action they are perfectly literate. But the night time is the right time! That is what Mr. Hare means by Black.

All of the following are Mr. Hare shoes yet none could truly be described as strictly Black.

These ones are even black and white.

Just felt the need to clear that up.


The Tortured Writer said...

Those second boots are INCREDIBLE! I'm a size 10!! :) awesome site too. You can check mine out at

Marco ;)

Fatah said...

Hi Mr.Hare, a first-timer in ur blog all the way from Indonesia.. i really really really love those shoes u made (i'm a shoe lover! can't u tell?)... i hope i can afford them upon their release... the patent caps are just too die for! also the greyish boots, i love the shape..