Monday, September 29, 2008

Just another kitsch bid.

24k gold dunked dunks anyone?
Size 10 only.

Wien win situation.

Mr. Hare was delighted this weekend to receive email correspondence from Vienna. One Mr. Michael Rollig was enthusiastic in his praise of Mr. Hare's efforts blogwise, which heartened Mr. Hare no end.

Mr. Hare was even more heartened when he took the time to view Mr. Rollig's shoe company

As you can see from the lovely photography I have lifted from there, Mr. Rolligs attention to detail and aesthetics are top notch. Mr. Hare also learnt more about the art of shoe making and the materials, considerations and technical aspects involved, than in any other single website sitting before.
Mr. Hare thoroughly recommends.

We'll meet again

Mr. Hare spotted these beauties at the Martin Margiela store in London way back at the beginning of the season, but they were soon out of stock understandably.
The high shine blue/grey leather, folded seams and amply wide yet elegantly shallow last all appealled to Mr. Hare. Thinking I will just wait to see what else transpires this season before committing, Mr Hare missed out.
Such is the way with good shoes and love.

Ciao Doctori!

They have been a blogosphere rumour since back in the 07's but now the DMs Monochromes have actually landed at Oki-ni.
Mr. Hare has not actually desired a pair of DMs since Jay Strongman stopped Dance Exchange at the Fridge in Brixton. 
But these are all-white!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Let my people surf

Believe it or not, but when Mr. Hare is not thinking about shoes his mind wanders to clean rolling glassy, waves around bath water temperature and head height.
Mr. Hare is a surfer. You will find Mr. Hare's name in the front of your stormrider guide if you don't believe me.

So Mr. Hare was delighted when Sharmadean Reid, one of the most exciting and wonderful women working in London today, invited him to view her photograhic story on black surfers. The photo's were taken by Danielle Levitt, who is also Mr. Hare's favourite photographer of youth. 
Go girls!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bling Tips


What do you buy the dedicated shoe blogger who has everything for christmas?
Silver, Gold or Diamond Aiglets from Carreducker.

Nouvelle Vague Francais.

My recent discovery of the Leffot blog put me onto Pierre Corthay, shoe artisan de Paris and his marvelous creations. Here is a man with a desire to create honed at John Lobb then distilled at Berluti. 

Corthay offer made to measure and ready to wear from their growing number of international stores and have even designed ranges for Yohji Yamamoto and Lanvin and Dior Haute Couture.
Have you ever seen anything this genius and French?


Mr. Hare doesn't care if it is on trend or not! Mr. Hare wants Tom Ford Slippers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Public Service broadcast.

Saw this perfect little instructional ditty on how to achieve the perfect shine on AContinousLean (AFineBlogSiteByTheWay). 

Straight plundering other people's content is not generally how Mr. Hare likes to roll but this is public service stuff. Thank you ACL.

Brother from another borough.

It heartens Mr. Hare so, when he comes across a kindered spirit who also sees nothing wrong with extolling the virtues of exquisite podalic apparel for men. 
Leffot is a shoe shangri-la situated in the West Village of Manhattan. Fine purveyors of Artioli, Aubercy, Pierre Corthay, Graziano & Girling and other exotics, Leffot is the achievement of one Steven Taffel, A shoe man of the very first order, a romantic almost. Taffel has curated the essential collection of 21st century shoe craftsmanship, beautifully presented on a bed of solid raw Ash.
Mr Taffel is not only a shoe man, he is a blogging shoe man with many interesting insights into the world of bespoke, made to measure and fine ready to wear shoes.
On his blog which you must visit, are charming vignettes such as the one relating to this image, about the simple joys to be found in such choices as rocking tan laces in black oxfords.
That is so Mr. Hare.

Leffot, 10 Christopher Street (between Gay Street and Greenwich Ave), 212-989-4577

Under lover

Mr Takahashi of Undercover never ceases to amaze Mr. Hare and never more so than with this amazing courier bag.
What an amazing object to own.
Can anybody tell me where I can get one?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

B all that you can B.

In the pursuit of content to furnish this blogspot Mr. Hare trawls depths unimaginable to bring you oysters. Despite this intense immersion it is always a refreshing respite to visit the Bstore and look upon their unique interpretations of modern male footwear.
It isn't Jermyn Street craftsmanship, it's mainly honest Portuguese quality, but the way they push things forward and experiment with proportion and even styles gives Mr. Hare great hope for the future.

Mr. Hair

It is not often that Mr. Hare is properly inspired to overhaul sections of his wardrobe by a magazine article, but Magnus Unnar's, He's Bananas story in the new issue of Man About Town has got me twitching. Could it be the fabulously hirsute Bertrand, the main protagonist? Could it be the styling which flits between outwardly informal and informally formal?
Could it be that the story is about a big guy with a beard like Mr. Hare?

May I add there is also a fold out of Helena Christensen as we have all imagined her at some time but only Solve Sundsbo has been kind enough to photograph.


Praise be the gods of style and taste,
Mr. Taxi, 32 Saville Row, make haste.
What joy, what joy, what joy, what joys,
Lanvin's in London and just for Boys.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mr. Hare has recently been feeling...

How elegant are these from Aubercy on Mr. Hare's favourite French shoe porn channel?
I would like a pair in midnight blue if such a thing existed.

Mr. Hare would love to own an awkward little DB suit like this one from 3.1 Phillip Lim, mainly because of the way it leaves your shoes top billing, but also because people would know when you walked in the room, things were about to get a lot more fun.
Also this look from Patrik Ervell is so subtle and just so so, it's perfect. Once again the hemlength/shoe equation is calling my name. 
It was made for these marvellous shoes below from A. Testoni. 
Mr. Hare loves it when these old shoe houses, so stuck in their ways and beliefs occasionally get it so right. Available once again on the French shoe porn channel.

Did these bad boys ever look so right before? Vivienne Westwood is undoubtedly a genius. 
Guess where you can get them? FSPC!

Mr. Hare is loving these Japanese (of course) engineer reworkings from Nonnative.
Do you ever get that point when you are finishing off an outfit and you add a belt feeling that maybe your buckle is hogging the stage. I don't mean J.Lindeberg buckle/"executive producer all up in the video's" type hogging, but just jewellery and watch clashing type hogging.
Mr. Hare believes that this wonderfully simple belt from Mr. Rogan may be the answer to this dilemma. More colours please Mr. Rogan.
Mr. Hare is definitely feeling this loose unit from Duckie Brown.

Neighbourhood is one of Mr. Hare's favourite Japanese fashion house's so these Russell Moccasin boots and the Adidas ( yes I know they have been up on blogs since like June, so what?)ZX700 Boat shoe collabo's are sooooo miso!

Hackett! Hello! What went right? 
I was recently admiring a fellow executive travellers luggage as I breezed into Firenze this summer. It was constructed from sturdy canvas with only essential and perfect chocolate leather piping. Can you imagine my near conscious malfunction to discover it was Hackett on closer inspection. So I went to the store in Sloane Street and the whole luggage collection is all that. Way more so than the limited selection on their website, one of which is featured above.

And Finally... Flights! If you weren't there the first time, then you might not understand it now, but these are "Bare Nang" I believe.

Friday, September 19, 2008

SS2009 Also featured...

As we must be getting towards the end of menswear presentations for SS09 already, Mr. Hare thought he would do a quick rundown of all the interesting stuff that hasn't already been waxed lyrical previously. Now, this is not an out and out endorsement of all that follows, but as you would expect from a blog of this calibre, there are ideas that may challenge your boundaries.
Love the look of these snakeskin Oxfords in the 3.1 Phillip Limm show. Would definitely like to get a closer look sometime soon.

Tricolore Derby brogues from Thom Browne, with enough volume to rock with baggies.

Superclean almost childlike derby's from Raf at Jil Sander with that wedge sole like this seasons Lanvins.
YSL seem to have injected all the classics with steroids in order to counterbalance their pleats, boxes and top heavy proportions.
Heard a lot of noise about Tim Hamiltons long white big boots.

Guess what? There are going to be lots more hi-tops next summer. These ones from Dior at least push some new structural boundaries. Mr. Hare is a dedicated Jordan man and still will be when Barneys can't give fashion high tops away.

Perforated oxfords from Louis Vuitton encased in some sort of rubber slingette.

Gucci doing Visvim, but not badly.

Now I already mention the new Gucci loafers back on September 1st but the antiqued leather in these is executed well enough to warrant a revisit.
I don't know quite how you are supposed to rock a bulbous, semi chisel toe shape as this in a cool way, but what a beautiful colour from Paul Smith.
The area of Mandals is always a tricky one, so I am going to highlight JPG's ingenuity in tackling the problem by simply removing the tongue to expose more manfoot.
The stripy JPG execution is very nearly, almost dope.
Now Mr. Hare was convinced that the attraction of Espadrils was that they were cheaper than Sangria. So buying them from Hermes, even with a lace added seams a little frivo.
What do you get if you mix an espadril with a desert boot?
Hermes Despadrils!
As I said before, Mandals aint easy!
Even if your Alexander McQueen.

Undoubtedly there is probably loads more treasure from the recent presentations that didn't make it so far. It will be because I couldn't get a picture or simply just wasn't feeling it. Feel free to contribute if you can.