Monday, September 15, 2008

Start Jonesing.

Mr. Hare is a great fan of the Start boutiques of Rivington Street. Mr. Phillip Start is a gentleman with fine dance moves and Mrs Brix Smith-Start is a force of nature whom if you had to meet, and you do have to meet, you would hold dear as I do.

So when Mr. Start informed Mr. Hare that he had been knocking around the Northampton shoe factory of Crockett & Jones and that a collaborative effort was imminent, Mr. Hare took the initiative and secured a first sight photo exclusive. 

First out of the box where these fantastic two tone oxford wingtips. The brown is as warm as roasted chestnuts and as deep as the US treasuries pockets. The Start collaboration has given us a fuller last than we are used to from Crockett & Jones. The toe shape is pleasing and friendly as opposed to directional and aggressive. The volume is refined, the proportions, harmonius and comfort assured.
The second treat out of the box at first sight appeared to be sensible and black, until the Friday afternoon sideways, sunrays revealed they were dark but blue. Dark as the bluest night over Es Vedra Rock on the Cala D'or. As blue as Coltrane or Simone in melancholy bliss.
Proving that it is not the big ideas that make fantastic men's shoes, it's the right ideas.

Mr. Hare has been informed that these delightful creations will be available mid October.

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