Thursday, September 04, 2008

Please No!

Mr. Hare would like you to consider for one moment the sheer uproar and outrage of the media, US rightwing and their christian brethren if an image of Obama existed anything like this. Ladies & Gentlemen let me introduce you to Republican nomination for Vice President, Governer Sarah Palin of Alaska.


Domuseswords said...

Hate to pee on your fire, but it's a photoshopped fake.
But there's pleanty of real ammunition against Palin:
Enjoying the blog, keep it up,

Mr. Hare said...

Ah well! i was totally fooled, but have pondered what to do about it for a few moments, I am leaving it there to serve as a metaphor for what we can undoubtedly expect if this woman and John McCain defeat our man Obama. I watched her acceptance speech (all four parts) and that alone convinced me that this picture was real.