Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blogged Down!

So Mr. Hare is just doing his usual quickblog check to see what's jiggle-ing and I am on High Snobiety when I see these totally seamless Air Max 90s that give Mr. Hare tingles. Even as a subjective pro black shoe champion, these are bizangin'. 
Then as any good blogger would do, Mr Hare follows the thread back and ends up at a site called Mashkulture.net who swiped the picture from Riott.com and some dude named Danielto who got sent them for free. Mr. Hare would like to know how to get on that list at Nike. 

So I am mooching around Mashkulture on my way back to High Snobiety  when BANG! Mr. Hare spots these bad boys.
 Pro shoe I may be, but dangle fresh Jordans in my face and...don't hate on the player now children, hate on the Game. Mashkulture got these apples from Mr. Hares new favourite sneakerspot - The Shoe Game.
So you see, It may just say Mr. Hare at the top of the page, but it takes an international cast of many to bring you the goods. Both sneaks available sometime in 2009.
If anyone from Nike is reading this, Mr. Hare is a UK 11/Us 12.


TheSundayBest said...

A lovely idea. Not sure if it's just in Explorer (damned work browser) but the info at the bottom of each post (comments, permalink, et al.) is rendered in a teensy, tiny font. Had to click at random to find this link.

Mr. Hare said...

Thanks for the technical feedback. I will take a look at that. Hope you like the blog. I have certainly been enjoying yours. hope you find some non flash images of LFW soon as there have definitely been some highlights. Watch out for Josh Goot on Friday. x