Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mr. Hare's fashion weak

Kane, Kirkwood, Crockett & Jones.
Mr. Hare has been enjoying London fashion week. Here are some of the things I have learned. 
Firstly I would like to point out where womens shoe designers are going right and where some mens shoe inspiration might come from in the future.
Nicholas Kirkwood is responsible for these incredible architectural creations that are simply mindblowing. Even a red blooded straight male who likes cars, gadgets and bling can see why these are special. Look closely at the black rock between the heel and sole. These were being sported by the ever glamorous Yasmin Sewell at the Louis Goldin show.
Last womens shoes, I promise. Manolo for Christopher Kane. Snow washed trailer, golf tongued, silver capped FXXX Me boots worn by Vanessa.
This is Alex from Show Studio working all the right angles. The shoulders, the 'tache and the mid calf boots all drawing your attention over that oversized Man Bag. What is in that bag Alex? The Margiela look book?
Here's a closer look at those brutal bad boys.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Chico. If there is one shoe connoisseur who repeatedly gives Mr. Hare shoe joy it is this man. Many a time Chico and I have had to shoe off across the dancefloor at LadyLuck. Today Chico was rocking his Alfred Seargent Black & White wingtips. Mr. Hare is also the proud owner of these same shoes and can vouch for there quality, comfort and ability to attract attention even in a dark room.
Here is a view you may be lucky enough to see one day. It is my beautiful London city, west along Oxford Street from the thirty somethingth floor of Centrepoint. Mr. Hare attended the Wallpaper party here. Predictible shoes, incredible panoramics.
On to the Giles Deacon Party and this is Mr. Nathan Gregory, disco General and shoe man of the first order, proudly presenting his old McQueens. Check out the black patent piping.

Wednesday and Feathers 40 years of fashion soiree. Black boots were in full force.
Mr. Hare is liking the idea of button ups. These had seen better days but that just added to their foppish demeanour.

Kabir needs no introduction, but whatever he is wearing is always worth studying.

Mr. Hare wouldn't go there himself but these patent, baby Cuban, winkle picker boots from Swear certainly cut through the room like a hot girl at a gay night.

This is Mr. Ryan (Mc)Lovering who works for SixLondon. Fine purveyors of all things modern in currant shoe thinking. He swears he bought these beautiful full oxfords from a second hand store. He is either the luckiest shoe finder on earth, and I will invite him along next time I am scouring the afterlife, or, a liar. This is not the greatest picture but the last, shine on the leather and the lines made these stand out ever so subtly, Mr. Hare was fascinated.
Draw your attention away from the tassle loafers for a second and you will notice a pair of boot clones. When you see two guys rocking the same look that hard, they are probably company men. As was the case, Damir and Bart from Damir Doma. The leather of these boots was washed out like Rick Owens with a seam down the centre, but what caught my eye was the leather covering the heal and a boot tab protruding from the heel in the wearers wake. Different.
JW Anderson had a great show to kick things off on Sunday and I had the pleasure of meeting him this evening. These jodphur boots were a creation of his and Mr. Hare will certainly be paying more attention to this young man's output in the very near future.

This is Mr. Hare's favourite picture so far. Mark from WGSN is working some amazing full volume, brutally tapered kecks with old western boots. Can this be done?
Of course it can! Mark is living proof. Mr. Hare salutes you.

Finally for this despatch from the frontline of fashion, on entering the Acne Party at Liberty's I happened upon Dangerous Dan Lywood holding court in these dangerous green velvet Oxfords.
What better way to sign off. Mr. Hare is about to embark on round two.

...And Just a reminder for you to catch Josh Goot's show Friday morning at 9.30am RCA!!!

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Ruth said...

I happen to agree with you about the fabulous Mark Watson! Style genius if ever there was one. Nice blog Mr. Hare.