Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brother from another borough.

It heartens Mr. Hare so, when he comes across a kindered spirit who also sees nothing wrong with extolling the virtues of exquisite podalic apparel for men. 
Leffot is a shoe shangri-la situated in the West Village of Manhattan. Fine purveyors of Artioli, Aubercy, Pierre Corthay, Graziano & Girling and other exotics, Leffot is the achievement of one Steven Taffel, A shoe man of the very first order, a romantic almost. Taffel has curated the essential collection of 21st century shoe craftsmanship, beautifully presented on a bed of solid raw Ash.
Mr Taffel is not only a shoe man, he is a blogging shoe man with many interesting insights into the world of bespoke, made to measure and fine ready to wear shoes.
On his blog which you must visit, are charming vignettes such as the one relating to this image, about the simple joys to be found in such choices as rocking tan laces in black oxfords.
That is so Mr. Hare.

Leffot, 10 Christopher Street (between Gay Street and Greenwich Ave), 212-989-4577

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Loafer said...

We LOVE your blog! Your are a shoe supremo. May we therefore take the opportunity to introduce you to a couple of young London bespoke handsewn contenders - carreducker

Love to know what you think...