Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Under lover

Mr Takahashi of Undercover never ceases to amaze Mr. Hare and never more so than with this amazing courier bag.
What an amazing object to own.
Can anybody tell me where I can get one?


Métal Hurlant said...

Since you ask I actually happen to have seen one for sale just after lunch today. I was checking out some fruity Undercover T-shirts in the basement area of Dover Street Market when I noticed that bag. It's in a glass case on one of the tables there. It doesn't come cheap though, so you better get your cheque book out Mr. Hare. Enjoy

Mr. Hare said...

Why, Mr. Hurlant, you really are quite an asset to have in the field. Checked out your blog yesterday and as a Rough Trade addict myself, I was wondering what you could recommend to a Modular, Matthew Herbert, Justice, Erol Alkan fan? In your own opinion.

Métal Hurlant said...

My blog is run by two people other than me, with "The Pure Thoughts Prophet" being the closest in musical taste to you I suspect. My first guess would be Mickey Moonlight's "interplanetary music", and after that maybe some "happy house" by The Juan MacLean. If you could manage something closer to a normal 4 minute track Hercules and Love Affair are my band of choice. Today I was getting a new jumper to keep me warm once I start uni (next week) and they ended up playing the whole of the Hercules album while I was being jostled by lardy gaggles of elderly greasy greek and arab ladies. The fact that Helcules and Love Affair's album is my most treasured of the past two years made whole experience actually rather pleasurable, not to mention the fact that I have a lovely new piece of knitwear, though the 18% Mohair sheds more than all my father's dogs combined. Sorry for the tardy reply, I was visiting family in devon and losing my tan on the beach there for the last week :(