Friday, September 19, 2008

SS2009 Also featured...

As we must be getting towards the end of menswear presentations for SS09 already, Mr. Hare thought he would do a quick rundown of all the interesting stuff that hasn't already been waxed lyrical previously. Now, this is not an out and out endorsement of all that follows, but as you would expect from a blog of this calibre, there are ideas that may challenge your boundaries.
Love the look of these snakeskin Oxfords in the 3.1 Phillip Limm show. Would definitely like to get a closer look sometime soon.

Tricolore Derby brogues from Thom Browne, with enough volume to rock with baggies.

Superclean almost childlike derby's from Raf at Jil Sander with that wedge sole like this seasons Lanvins.
YSL seem to have injected all the classics with steroids in order to counterbalance their pleats, boxes and top heavy proportions.
Heard a lot of noise about Tim Hamiltons long white big boots.

Guess what? There are going to be lots more hi-tops next summer. These ones from Dior at least push some new structural boundaries. Mr. Hare is a dedicated Jordan man and still will be when Barneys can't give fashion high tops away.

Perforated oxfords from Louis Vuitton encased in some sort of rubber slingette.

Gucci doing Visvim, but not badly.

Now I already mention the new Gucci loafers back on September 1st but the antiqued leather in these is executed well enough to warrant a revisit.
I don't know quite how you are supposed to rock a bulbous, semi chisel toe shape as this in a cool way, but what a beautiful colour from Paul Smith.
The area of Mandals is always a tricky one, so I am going to highlight JPG's ingenuity in tackling the problem by simply removing the tongue to expose more manfoot.
The stripy JPG execution is very nearly, almost dope.
Now Mr. Hare was convinced that the attraction of Espadrils was that they were cheaper than Sangria. So buying them from Hermes, even with a lace added seams a little frivo.
What do you get if you mix an espadril with a desert boot?
Hermes Despadrils!
As I said before, Mandals aint easy!
Even if your Alexander McQueen.

Undoubtedly there is probably loads more treasure from the recent presentations that didn't make it so far. It will be because I couldn't get a picture or simply just wasn't feeling it. Feel free to contribute if you can.

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