Monday, September 22, 2008

Mr. Hare has recently been feeling...

How elegant are these from Aubercy on Mr. Hare's favourite French shoe porn channel?
I would like a pair in midnight blue if such a thing existed.

Mr. Hare would love to own an awkward little DB suit like this one from 3.1 Phillip Lim, mainly because of the way it leaves your shoes top billing, but also because people would know when you walked in the room, things were about to get a lot more fun.
Also this look from Patrik Ervell is so subtle and just so so, it's perfect. Once again the hemlength/shoe equation is calling my name. 
It was made for these marvellous shoes below from A. Testoni. 
Mr. Hare loves it when these old shoe houses, so stuck in their ways and beliefs occasionally get it so right. Available once again on the French shoe porn channel.

Did these bad boys ever look so right before? Vivienne Westwood is undoubtedly a genius. 
Guess where you can get them? FSPC!

Mr. Hare is loving these Japanese (of course) engineer reworkings from Nonnative.
Do you ever get that point when you are finishing off an outfit and you add a belt feeling that maybe your buckle is hogging the stage. I don't mean J.Lindeberg buckle/"executive producer all up in the video's" type hogging, but just jewellery and watch clashing type hogging.
Mr. Hare believes that this wonderfully simple belt from Mr. Rogan may be the answer to this dilemma. More colours please Mr. Rogan.
Mr. Hare is definitely feeling this loose unit from Duckie Brown.

Neighbourhood is one of Mr. Hare's favourite Japanese fashion house's so these Russell Moccasin boots and the Adidas ( yes I know they have been up on blogs since like June, so what?)ZX700 Boat shoe collabo's are sooooo miso!

Hackett! Hello! What went right? 
I was recently admiring a fellow executive travellers luggage as I breezed into Firenze this summer. It was constructed from sturdy canvas with only essential and perfect chocolate leather piping. Can you imagine my near conscious malfunction to discover it was Hackett on closer inspection. So I went to the store in Sloane Street and the whole luggage collection is all that. Way more so than the limited selection on their website, one of which is featured above.

And Finally... Flights! If you weren't there the first time, then you might not understand it now, but these are "Bare Nang" I believe.


Billykirk, Inc. said...

Great site Mr. Hare. You are truly thorough in your research and your postings are wonderful to peruse. I, along with my brother Kirk, have a company called Billykirk. The majority of our collection is made by a group of Amish leather workers in PA. We have another take on the Rogan belt I thought might interest you:
Best regards,


Mr. Hare said...

Dear Billykirks,

Your name came up the other day in a meeting with Rod Stafford at Sebago. Are you guys going to do a line with them?
Had a look at your stuff and i am digging it. What are you up to right now? Am going to the Compass show in Vegas this week. are you there?

I would like to do a piece on you guys so tell me what would help you the most.

All the best,

Mr. Hare

Billykirk, Inc. said...

What is you email address Mr. Hare?