Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oki-new !!

Let it never be forgotten, The first people to ever put their money where their mouth was, as far as Mr. Hare was concerned, was Oki-ni. I wish them and their new team, every success in 2011.
And Thank you.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ge-below the knee-us !!

Between January 2006 and July 2007, on a website called Popstar Feets, Helen Lawrence documented the feet of the bands on the London gig scene. The shoes are not that dazzling and I can think of a few bands in those days who probably had some pretty fancy zapatos, who are obviously missing, but I wish she had kept it up.

I implore Helen or someone to get this project up and running again.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

...Me love you long time...

I am extremely proud to present to you at this time, the fruits of what I believe will be a long and productive collaboration partnership between myself and a Mr. Andrew Bunney, a fine modern British jeweler of extraordinary pedigree and vision.

The Exquisite Shoehorn by Bunney & Hare

The most exquisite shoe horn you are likely to come across in the modern age and the perfect gift for the discerning shoe man who has everything is the result of the first collaboration between Bunney, the new English jeweler and Mr. Hare, the black shoe company.

The Exquisite Shoe Horn is carved from real, naturally shed, Scottish Ox horn, by a company founded in 1749. To provide ample thumb traction, mirror finished, solid 925 sterling silver coins bearing the Bunney and Mr. Hare marks have been inlaid at the handle by another company known to supply the royal households.

The finishing touch comes in the form of a cast, 925 Sterling Silver cap, hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office, which forms the setting for a choice of Black Spinel or Garnet Gemstones. The stones are set by gently burnishing over the edges of the silver cap.

Black Spinel was chosen as it is associated with love and passion and is said to help its keeper put aside their ego, re-establish relationships, resolve issues, relieve sadness and increase the duration of ones life. We chose Garnet, as it is believed to light up the night and protect its bearer from evil and disaster. Absolute minimum requirements at the insistence of Mr. Hare.

The Exquisite Shoehorn is then housed in a handmade, buckram cloth covered, rigid construction presentation box made by more craftsmen from the West Midlands.

The Exquisite Shoehorn will only be available as an edition of fifty, twelve of Garnet and thirty-eight of Black Spinel, from Dover Street Market in London, Colette in Paris and Surrender in Singapore, or direct from Mr. Hare after December 5th 2010 at a cost of £300.00 for Black Spinel or £400 for Garnet.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Two for five over here...

This is the special friends and family invite for the Thursday night preview. Just say Mr. Hare sent you. !!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Me and You...No we ain't the same !!

Kilian Martin is taking freestyle skating to a new place.
Obvious comparisons abound.

But as I always say, recognise all genius instead of getting all fascist about who got the most.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am at Liberty to divulge...

On Friday 26th November, as part of the Liberty’s Shoe Weekend, Mr. Hare will be holding a Q&A session in the Men's shoe department between 5pm and 7pm. Host questionnaire on the evening will be Mr Steve Salter of the pre-eminent men’s style blog, Style Salvage

The Questioner ...Steve Salter

Join them both for a fireside chat and cocktails as they tackle such weighty shoe subjects as Blake construction in wet climates, the new male sartorialism, shoe styling and the relevance of shoe classicism in a modern world. In fact any question you have for Mr. Hare on shoes or any other subject for that matter, will be welcomed.

The Questionee...Mr. (Marc) Hare

This evening will also feature the first public viewing of the forthcoming Mr. Hare SS11 collection ‘Ain’t No App For That’. It will be the first public unveiling of new styles on the cubist Jopling last as well as other work and collaborations scheduled for the near future. Attendees will also be granted the one off opportunity to pre-order styles from that collection, from the man himself, at a 15% discount.

“I am very excited by the opportunity to meet and discuss shoes with real shoe people in what I consider to be one of the realest shoe environments in retail today. I have often said that if that was not a shoe shop, I should like to live there.”

Mr. Hare.

So…just to recap. Shoes, chat, cocktails, fireplace, discount, new stuff, questions, answers, Stevie Salvage, Mr. Hare in person and last but not least, you guys !!

Mr. Hare Q&A at Liberty’s

Hosted by Steve

At Liberty’s Men’s shoe department in the basement

Friday 26th November

5pm – 7pm

Did I mention the free cocktails?

For further information please contact

Thought for the day...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Well Awesome

I was introduced to an incredible film this evening by my houseguest Loz. F for Fake, the last film completed by the great Orson Welles is a visual essay on the subject of Authorship. I am not going to try and break it down for you as the film I am going to show here does a much better job.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A word from Tony Starks...

Make sure your foot game is official. A bitch don’t like you to step to her acting like you trying to bag her with your shoes all bent up.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Mr. Hare is very much looking forward to the forthcoming exhibition, Lamentations 2010 by Rachel Kneebone at the White Cube, Hoxton Square.
Nov 19 - Jan 22.
Her last exhibition, Descent in 2009 was one of my highlights of that year.

Is this thing on?

I have not even eaten that many carrots this year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

DOOM! - The greatest rapper with no chain you never heard

For my little brothers Birthday (Mr. Man of the Illersapiens) My Moms bought him two tickets to see MF Doom at the Brixton Academy on October 14th 2010. Seeing as I had introduced littleman to my hero of all hero rappers many years back, and we had shared many conversations on the intricacies of Mr. Dooms flow, and Mr. Man has been hugely influenced in his own rhymes by Doom, he graciously decided that the best recipient for that spare ticket was Mr. Hare. Thanks Moms!!

I would like to say I bought Dooms first album "Doomsday" when it came out, but at that time around 1999 after years of being a die hard first generation Rap head, I was deeply disillusioned by what Puff Daddy and even Jay-Z were doing to Hip Hop. I caught Public Enemy when they played. I caught Native Tongues when A Tribe Called Quest only had "Lost my Wallet in El Segundo" released so far, and I was a huge fan of a little outfit called KMD who released an underground classic album called "Mr. Hood" (Peachfuzz). In that group was a kid with a sublime flow named Zev LOve X who's rhymes for many years rattled around my head.
(Pigment! Is this a defect of birth or more an example of the richness of Earth?).

I bought that album on Import!!

My Hip Hop Sabbatical was fruitful because I got into all the other music I had ignored during my backpack years. Fishbone, Peaches, Cutty Ranks, Larry Levan, Sublime, Nirvana and the huge influence of Trevor Jackson all spring to mind. I didn't completely abandon Hip Hop at any point. Wu Tang forever and Mos Def have never left my side.

But Anyway... in 2003 I bought a vinyl double LP (remember those) called "Vaudeville Villain" by a cat named Viktor Vaughn and a few months later in 2004 I bought a CD called Madvillain. Both pieces of work were completely new and weird and elaborate like Hip Hop was in 92!! To this day both remain the most played on my I-tunes. It turns out that Madvillain, Viktor Vaughn, another cat I soon discovered called King Geedorah are all persona's of one man called MFDoom. Doom is a poet of extraordinary calibre. MF Doom is also the grown up persona of one Zev Love X from KMD. My long lost friend. wiki-wiki!!

So back to Brixton. 5000+ people predominately white, predominately male, as to be expected. But I am pleased to note that 25% of the crowd are either female and there of their own volition or a plethora of independent ethnics like myself. If the world ended outside the Academy tonight, the gene pool on which future civilisation depended had a chance.

I knew I was taking a risk seeing Doom live because I have spent more time in the presence of this mans work than any other artist alive or dead. The rap-scapes are phenomenal. The vocabulary is expansive and the rhymes are mathematical. Algebraic even. What possible bonus to hear them in the flesh?

You know Doom's stage show is not going to consist of more than the mic and the mask. Maybe some visuals if you are lucky. To all three ends he did not disappoint. The real bonus was in the 5000+ other people who could mouth all the words to some of the most intricate slang you will ever hear. We all just wanted to be there to see it once. (Vaughn! The Flying Vaudeville villain. Who Ain't give a flying fuck who ain't not feelin' him!) I saw the show. I got the "Villain" T-shirt. I was there.

Anyway...the point is...most have never heard of him and probably never will. His fame is not crucial to the measure of his success. His work, for the people who pursue it, can't be bettered. We don't know what he looks like and we don't know where he lives. All we have is his work to stand or fall on it's own merits.

I wish all things were conceived in this way.