Thursday, December 02, 2010

...Me love you long time...

I am extremely proud to present to you at this time, the fruits of what I believe will be a long and productive collaboration partnership between myself and a Mr. Andrew Bunney, a fine modern British jeweler of extraordinary pedigree and vision.

The Exquisite Shoehorn by Bunney & Hare

The most exquisite shoe horn you are likely to come across in the modern age and the perfect gift for the discerning shoe man who has everything is the result of the first collaboration between Bunney, the new English jeweler and Mr. Hare, the black shoe company.

The Exquisite Shoe Horn is carved from real, naturally shed, Scottish Ox horn, by a company founded in 1749. To provide ample thumb traction, mirror finished, solid 925 sterling silver coins bearing the Bunney and Mr. Hare marks have been inlaid at the handle by another company known to supply the royal households.

The finishing touch comes in the form of a cast, 925 Sterling Silver cap, hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office, which forms the setting for a choice of Black Spinel or Garnet Gemstones. The stones are set by gently burnishing over the edges of the silver cap.

Black Spinel was chosen as it is associated with love and passion and is said to help its keeper put aside their ego, re-establish relationships, resolve issues, relieve sadness and increase the duration of ones life. We chose Garnet, as it is believed to light up the night and protect its bearer from evil and disaster. Absolute minimum requirements at the insistence of Mr. Hare.

The Exquisite Shoehorn is then housed in a handmade, buckram cloth covered, rigid construction presentation box made by more craftsmen from the West Midlands.

The Exquisite Shoehorn will only be available as an edition of fifty, twelve of Garnet and thirty-eight of Black Spinel, from Dover Street Market in London, Colette in Paris and Surrender in Singapore, or direct from Mr. Hare after December 5th 2010 at a cost of £300.00 for Black Spinel or £400 for Garnet.


joy said...

whoa, that is pretty exquisite.

Meg said...

more than exquisite. That is slick! done beautiful job there.