Thursday, April 30, 2009

Uncommon Projects

Mr Hare, probably like many of you ,thought he had got to know what to expect from Common Projects. The old serial number on the back thing was wearing a bit thin. But these badboys I just spotted on Selectism via Tres bien are a leap into the realms of interesting. kind of remind me of something though.

To Avoid Glitches...

“Yo, you wanna put this out and make this easier, so I don’t have to put it out myself? We can work out a deal right now. You give me like five bucks, I’ll give you a high five, and we’ll just be on our way. If anything gets licensed to some shit where we get paid, we’ll just split it 50/50.” Fuck money right now; let’s just do it.

Taken from the Prefuse 73 interview on Flavorwire

Saturday, April 25, 2009

V. good

Back in January when Mr. Hare was in Paris for menswear, Fraser Cooke from Nike Tokyo asked me if I wanted to go to the Visvim showroom and see the new collection. By the time I had finished Hyperventilating and recomposed myself we were there. Now, there are a thousand sneaker makers and there are a thousand casual and work inspired shoe and boot makers relentlessly plying their trade at any given time. Ahead of all those companies, by a clear country mile, is Visvim.
Why? Because every aspect of every shoe and piece of clothing, perfume or streetjack worthy accessory that comes out of Visvim is a meticulously detailed, technically brilliant and beautifully finished labour of love. Under the supervision of Hiroki Nakamura, creative director and my guide through the range on this visit, Visvim has become one of the worlds leading examples on how to do things properly. The prices of these pieces are insane, but parting with the cash for them really isn't.

Today Hiroki is particularly excited about his welted tennis shoe. Think about that, your favourite sneaker can be resoled when they wear out. Rubbing some spit on the trainers liner he informs me that all the linings are naturally pigment dyed. This makes them more breathable and they have a greater ability to wick away moisture. He tests each shoe for comfort by wearing them himself sockless. He also informs me that most of the shanks (stiffener embedded inside the sole of a shoe) are made from Bamboo as opposed to metal. He marches me over to look at a check shirt so meticulously constructed with french pleats and the back panel sewn into the yoke, not with two pleats, but equi-distant millimetre thin pleats right across the yoke that don't even interupt the check pattern. Then there is the polartec windblock Tweed jackets and in a picture frame on the wall hangs the most perfect pair of denim jeans I have ever laid eyes on. Also in the showroom today is a charming Parisian called Blaze who is collaborating with Visvim on a perfume range of obscure but totally familiar scents. Pockets of buyers, press, admirers and longtime Visvimmers colonise each display cabinet, just appreciating the products before them.I was so fascinated I forgot to take pictures of most of the things I am describing to you. But even if I had taken pictures, they wouldn't have done the products justice because it is only when you get down to the details of Visvim products do you begin to appreciate their uniqueness.

Sometimes the word luxury gets confused with just doing something the best it can be done. Visvim are on a par with most luxury brands in that sense and it is what seperates them from most of the streetwear market. Visvim are so product immersed they don't even have a website.

The one product I could not leave without photographing is this new military boot, so packed full of intricate shoe making details of the past and future I studied it for about twenty minutes straight. Check that carbon fibre heel counter.

For the rest of that day I truly believed that Visvim were so far ahead in product thinking that that the rest of the shoe market should give up. That in the midst of this financially disastrous time here was the correct way to approach making products. Visvim was the truth and everything else was a white lie.

A day or so later I calmed down a bit and got a grip on reality. But Visvim is still the truth and instead of giving up the rest of the shoe market should learn from this example.
Personally, this post hasn't been nearly gushy enough.

Rock on Visvim team! Mr. Hare is a big fan.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

APB on Givenchy Brogue Gladiator Mandals

I came right out and said it back on September 1st 2008. These Givenchy Brogue Gladiator Mandals are exquisite. The Brogue Gladiator I termed, even got a mention in a rather interesting article in Man About Town about the importance of the Black Shoe. (Oh yeah! I saw that Deanho.)

Anyway...My point is, now I am fiending for a pair and I figured I would put it out there and see who among you shoeish could connect me with a pair soonest. I will pay. Mr. Hare don't lig kids!

So make my day. I hope to be rocking a pair by the weekend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some Days...

...E Bay Rules!

Blake's Heaven

Here is an interesting article about the very shoe construction Mr. Hare has used in the "Purest Form" collection available this AW. Permanent Style is also a very interesting mens style blog. Check it out Yo!


Raf at Browns

Look what Mr. Hare was sent

Hey Bagaholic Boy! 00o00! YMFY! Try not to be jealous. As I always say "Game recognise Game!" And the good people at Umbro hooked a bro up. Now I can march through Stanstead Airport this summer, shoulder to shoulder with my travelling countrymen sporting the proud colours and three lions on my chest.

They also asked if I would mind stepping in for Theo Walcott in any upcoming World Cup qualifiers should Theo not be available. "Why not?" I said. Be a shame to let such a fantastic shirt go to waste.


Support your local dealer.

It is no secret that Rough Trade Records (in Talbot Road London W11) is where you will more than likely find Mr. Hare at some point on any given weekend. I may have to pay more for my CDs but I do get a much better choice and even recommendations from the highly enthusiastic stuff.

"What's this Monks CD like?"
"It's pure punk!"
"What about this new Kool Kieth?"
"It's possibly the best thing he has done since, Ultra Magnetic!"
"yeah it's nothing like Doctor Octagon or Dr Doom."
"Check out this Terry Lynn. Track 2 and three I defy you not to dance. It's like Daft Punk with MIA but pure Kingston bashment. If you can't stand it bring it back and swap it."

When was the last time you heard a conversation like that at HMV. Last person I spoke to in a Virgin Megastore had never even heard of MF Doom.

The other thing I love is all the free sampler CDs you get given in Indie stores. There is always one or two tracks on every disk you are glad you gave the time of day. The following is just last Saturday's selection.

Just last week Mr. Hare found himself in the lovely town of Santa Cruz, NorCal, and was lucky enough to visit Streetlight records. A record store straight out of High Fidelity. The lady there not only knew who Doom was, they even had the new "Born Like this" LP. Yeah I still call them LP's! What?So if you have a local vinyl dealer why not go down there right now and ask each member of staff to recommend the best record they have heard in the last month.
You may be pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009