Monday, April 20, 2009

Support your local dealer.

It is no secret that Rough Trade Records (in Talbot Road London W11) is where you will more than likely find Mr. Hare at some point on any given weekend. I may have to pay more for my CDs but I do get a much better choice and even recommendations from the highly enthusiastic stuff.

"What's this Monks CD like?"
"It's pure punk!"
"What about this new Kool Kieth?"
"It's possibly the best thing he has done since, Ultra Magnetic!"
"yeah it's nothing like Doctor Octagon or Dr Doom."
"Check out this Terry Lynn. Track 2 and three I defy you not to dance. It's like Daft Punk with MIA but pure Kingston bashment. If you can't stand it bring it back and swap it."

When was the last time you heard a conversation like that at HMV. Last person I spoke to in a Virgin Megastore had never even heard of MF Doom.

The other thing I love is all the free sampler CDs you get given in Indie stores. There is always one or two tracks on every disk you are glad you gave the time of day. The following is just last Saturday's selection.

Just last week Mr. Hare found himself in the lovely town of Santa Cruz, NorCal, and was lucky enough to visit Streetlight records. A record store straight out of High Fidelity. The lady there not only knew who Doom was, they even had the new "Born Like this" LP. Yeah I still call them LP's! What?So if you have a local vinyl dealer why not go down there right now and ask each member of staff to recommend the best record they have heard in the last month.
You may be pleasantly surprised.

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