Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm a Creep. I'm a Weirdo.

Mr. Hare has always admired a Brothel Creeper. The name alone is extraordinary. A Brothel Creeper used to Brothel Creep by Creepers of Brothels. 
The Problem with Brothel Creepers is that it is so hard to find a pair made by a true shoe artisan not of the Carnaby/enthusiast variety. It takes a lot of dancing to make such a pair look this good.So the appearance of male wedges of the quiet stepping through ladies of the night establishments variety is very appealing and has been duly noted.
Jun Takahashi's Undercover Fall/Winter 2008 "UnrealRealClothes" collection.


SHAR WAH! said...

i looooooove creepers and i love your blog mr hare xxx

Mr. Hare said...

So do I Shar! Mine are red suede and with the black sole fade. Thanks for the very first comment on Mr. Hare. It means a lot and I shall give you good reason to brag about it in the years to come.

See you soon. xx