Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Broadband is a human right.

Can you believe this shit? Cutting people off for illegally sharing copyrighted material. Using arguments like illegal file sharing is damaging the economy. Peter Mandelson even buying that shit. I have always liked the man. Defended him in many arguments. I have never seen a penchant for well cut suits, manicures and getting wasted at carnivals in Rio as a hindrance to a public servants ability to operate, and what an operator Mandelson has been over the years. David Geffen, another shrewd player like him or hate him you can't deny he has made some incredible shit happen. Nirvana for instance, The GZAs Liquid Swords, but two things rile me here.

1. I would like to see two comparative graphs. One showing the damage caused to the economy by illegal file sharing and another quantifying the funds that figuratively disappeared up the noses of the same industry the down-loaders destroyed during the years that they were making CDs for 10p and selling them to us for £12. You guys had it good for a long, long time. You got super lazy and the world passed you by. Get clever about it, not belligerent.
Led Zepplins stimulus contribution in the run up to the collapse and eventual sell off of all of Britain's natural resources and manufacturing industries during the 70s.

2. Someone downloads the equivalent of £2.97 worth of copyrighted material (that's 3 singles at the i-tunes store) and it is deemed exceptable to remove that persons, and the other people who may share that connections, ability to communicate in the modern world.

Are you Tripping?


Sean said...

I couldn't agree more!

anna and the ring said...

Love it! You are right on the money.

P.S. Love, love, love your shoes. The boy needs to come and see you!

Silent Man said...

Dear Mr. Hare,

Even tough I am very hard to please, I very much like your shoes. I hope they will be available in Paris soon.

Anyway, great post. However you can now get albums online for 0,99$ now or a song for 0,09$. Seems fair to me.

Take care now.

Silent Man said...

What do you think of that?

adriano said...

Totally on point! Loving the shoes!