Friday, August 07, 2009

Boom Chica Wah Wah!

Last Friday I went to the opening of my friend Sharmadean Reid's nail bar called Wah Nails. Besides being most likely to be Britains first black lady prime minister, Sharmz is a one woman dynamo from Wolverhampton, Goldsmiths Grad, Sportswear editor of Arena Homme Plus, responsible for inspiring your faithful correspondent to assume the bloggers duty with her wahappenings.blogspot , the founder of Wah Magazine and recently engaged to some lucky guy.

I know a lot of London girls secretly follow Mr. Hare on the Reg Reg, call it research, intellectual engagement, a void filled, Whatev's, I don't know your man, but next time you got to "get yer nails did" to match your new Air Max 90's or APs, I thoroughly recommend you get down to Wah Nails.
Tell them Mr. Hare sent you. I would be interested to know the reaction.

If you have caught my recent You Tube appearances then you will have noticed Mr. Hare is not too shabby in the hand and fingernail department either, so while I was there I bought myself this badass Zebra nail file...
With the ill fluffy buffer on the back.
All of which begs one question...

Guys! If I am looking after all your shoe needs, who is looking after your nails?

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clairee88 said...

hi, do you have an email address I can contact you on in regards to talking to you about a specific shoe brand you might be interested in?