Thursday, October 02, 2008

Look what Mr. Hare bought

So Mr Hare is just passing the newly re-opened Church's store in Regent Street and decided to have a mooch around, but spots these exquisite heavy, full brogue Derby wingtips in grey.
By the time I have asked to try them on I know it is going to take an act of God for them to return from whence they loomed. God was obviously hunkering down for Palin V Biden.

Some times you just got to put your money where your mouth is and...look at the grey wash colour. Those substantial welts and slabs of leather soles.  The shine!
Look at them in action.

If your still not sure, then look at what Men.Style.Com are calling the most badass wingtips available right now, and then come back and tell Mr. Hare he is wrong.


M├ętal Hurlant said...

Douche bag I went to regent street church's today too since I had to go to Bose 4 doors down. Didn't spot those grey sickos though

00o00 said...

slick! loving the color!

Karla said...

dude, they rock!!!!

tony said...

oh my what i would do for those shoes.. what kind of jeans are those?

Silent Man said...

Dear Mr. Hare,

what can you tell us about the quality of the shoe?
I heard that since it has been bought by Prada, Church's quality isn't as good as it used to be.
True or not?

Mr. Hare said...

Well Silent Man, I have pre Prada Church's and post Prada Church's and I can't see that there is a fat lot of difference in the quality.
The big difference is in the attitude to stylish execution. Church's are a Brit shoe brand through and through. Having Prada on board has certainly moved Church's into the 21st century in terms of colour and shapes.
Mr. Hare is still a big Church's and Prada fan. It is as good a combination as John Lobb and Hermes.