Friday, October 31, 2008

While I was away...

Other blogs of repute reported on these oysters and crabsticks.
This is the best picture of the future president Mr. Hare has seen. It's just a shame T-Bone got all "executive producer all up in the video".
Obama = Oyster
Terry Richardson = Crabstick.

Original Fake room shoes collabo with Cause. Oyster? Crabstick? Can't decide.

Mr. Hare loves Comme des Garcons and Mr. Hare loves Dunks, but Mr. Hare is not sure about their ugly kid. Crabstick until I see a pair live.

So nearly Oyster but way beyond crabstick. Let's say Oyster card.

You can always rely on Ato to mix things up a little. These remind Mr. Hare of Napolean Dynamites drawing of a Liger.
For a geeky outdoor sidebrand this is a bit of an oyster.

This on Sunday Best is actually a pearl.