Wednesday, October 01, 2008


There seems to be a high top epidemic going on. As a lifelong member of the high top sneaker set, this should please Mr. Hare, but it actually doesn't. There are some fantastic interpretations out there where designers have actually brought something to the party like Dior SSo9 and these splendidly roided out Rick Owens below. (available from Oki-ni)
But now it's like "How can we be down yo?" When drinks companies are rag tagging your kicks it's time to say WOAH!
With Hennessy I am like whatever, but this next example actually saddens me. George Cox is synonymous with and responsible for, the benchmark brothel creepers on the feet of all the cool kids in London and of which Mr. Hare is the proud owner of a fantastic red suede pair rolling on an inch plus of crepe. Brothel Creepers are hot right now so there is no need for this. Pull yourself together Mr. Cox, remember why you're good.
Mr. Hare's job is not to be negative so the following examples of the latest hi-tops in the blogosphere should redress the balance and bring a smile to your face the way they did for me.

If Hennessy can do it, so can you. These are Mr. Hare's favourite hi-tops of the year.

These are also way, way ill.

If you are feeling these bad boys, "Courtside Booties" which are channeling the roided tongue of the Rick Owens, classic all star styling and Hasidic laces, you can get your very own here.

Mr. Hare apologises if he has offended anyone with a good lawyer, but the truth shall be my defence.

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