Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nice VVerk!

As a blogger of growing repute, Mr Hare is now surprised daily by the contents of his inbox.
Just today, I received these images with nothing more than this link and this introduction.

"I'm a french artist and i do things like that: (PORCELAIN/PLEXIGLAS)"
So Mr. Hare contacted Maximilien Brunon and asked him to explain the work. The following is his unedited, verbatim answer.

"It's a work that i've done last year, it's about "series and single pieces / original and copy"

this model is the sport shoe from the german army since the 70's, and is still the one they wear today.

it has been designed by the Dassler brothers (Adidas/Puma)in the 70's.

The German army is not a label, through this the design of this model is not protected and you can see by many designers this exact same model or interpretation of it.

for exemple: Adidas samba / spezial / universal , Puma liga , also seen by Le Coq Sportif and many more.

it's after my research one of the most copyed shoe design ever ( maybe after the chucks from converse )

it has been also copyed by Mr Martin Margiella, and Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme, both worked with this design since many many years.

to make a long storye short, it's a design that you can offer, "same qualittye by every labels that copyed it", from 6 € on ebay for the original German army model to more than 1 000 € for the Margiela piece, or for 30 000 € if you buy an instalation of 50 pieces made out of Porcelain in Plexiglas boxes. ;)."

Thank you Mr. Maximilien Brunon. Feel free to installate my inbox anytime.

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