Monday, November 03, 2008


Mr. Hare was intrigued by these fantastic leather clad accessories from Belgian designer Natalie Brilli
Balenciaga did those sculpted wingtip details this season and Mr. Hare recently spotted a Japanese chap in, imagine if you will, an entire pair of shoes clad in leather, so as to appear to be leather sculptures of shoes.
Mr. Hare considers these objects to be a great inspiration in shoe thinking.

Ms. Brilli
Look at these beautiful skull vanity cases.
Thanks to Coolhunter for hooking it up.


Karla said...

I want one, please!

Mr. Hare said...

One what?

SHAR WAH! said...

where can i buy vanity case?

Mr. Hare said...

Hey Shar!
I have emailed Natalie Brilli on your behalf to enquire as to where you can get one. Does any other blog go so far? I doubt it.

Mr. Hare said...


Does Mr. Hare provide or what? Check it out in black.

Now I want one.


gordie said...

You can buy the Brilli goodies at the Alchemist Boutique on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. They are spectacular.

Mr. Hare said...

Thanks Gordie!Next time I am rolling down Collins in my dirty south Pram i will punch it in the TomTom and check it out!