Thursday, November 20, 2008

Am I missing something?

A favourite pastime of Mr. Hare's is to build outfits and looks around the shoes I see. This is a necessary part of my shoe obsession. But with the following examples, all freshly landed in shoe emporiums of repute, Mr Hare has to admit he is struggling.
This example from Berluti for instance has me foxed. I know Berluti have an outdoor rugged offer which is seldom promoted but I am void of any cultural, stylistic or even practical connection to these.
Aaah Kenzo! Was there some 70s movie of profound influence that I missed. Is there a Sly Stone revival imminent? Is back to school chic happening?
Versace! These are just out there. Individually, all the elements of this shoe are meritable statements but let's break them down a second. The heel is Sarkoziesque, but such heel wearers generally shun attracting too much shoe attention as it brings their elevation requirements into debate. The platform sole? The high back? The buckle, with the laces? Why? The squared off body when everything else is so 70s and rounded. The colour? Milk chocolate.

It would delight me greatly to see all three of these shoes in outfits I was jealous of and I welcome suggestions from all comers, but for now Mr. Hare is stumped.

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