Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Nizzle and Miuccia's Drizzill...

I told you there was some next hiSt going down with Prada's new shoes. I could smell it. Did Mr. Bertelli finally buy her that Dremel for christmas she had so passionately longed for?...Anyway...the reason there is a season, is so Stefano can get down Yo! Each season I find YSL is the collection I am more interested in what is happening above the knee. Where as other people's shoes seem to be seperate, and sometimes after, thoughts. Stefano's shoes are the full set of punctuation marks in a subtle and delicate poem about men.

I am a man, so that poem refers to me. It's saying Dude! Wear black socks with Brown sandals. It's OK!

Now check out the mood setting Film Collabo to accompany the YSL show.

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