Wednesday, June 03, 2009

In Stores now

I am kind of digging these almost slipperlike slip ons from YSL. Do I just love YSL or everything YSL does? You decide, but these look so comfortable and soft with a distinction only an uncle who smokes Robusto's at breakfast could achieve.

I am not about to buy a Harley or start wearing fringed suede jackets but these cowboys from Golden Goose available at Browns are fascinating. They look like they come with real dirt.
Only MMM could spill the contents of a hole puncher and come up with a sneaker concept. I take my hat off once again to Mr. Margiela and his constant ability to come from way leftfield. He is like the Stewie Griffin of fashion.
Oh Aubercy! I am reaching an age where I can rock a very refined shoe like this and get away with it. The further I get into that age range the more I am tempted to rock beatiful shoes like this.

Emporio Armani, Costume National and Moschino are five words you won't find on Mr. Hare's blog very often but the following five shoes are actually quite attractive. They are not setting the world on fire or anything but in these sombre ( Yo! We got a secret sale in the garage with 80% off. Keep it to yourself homey!) times they do represent some sound investment. In the same way that starving in peace times is better than starving in war times.

These are from Moschino who pride themselves in taking things too far, so while they are a little gauch for Mr. Hare's tastes, it would please me to see those who regularly over embellish to excercise this level of restraint.
Both the boot above and the shoe below, while channeling some Lanvin Denim oxford through some Opening Ceremony naivety and almost achieving some Bstore awkwardness are actually some not bad offerings from Emporio Armani. I know! Me neither!

Costume Nationals in White and a sort of grey hue below. Nice details. I like that dart on the heal counter and the covering on the lace loops. Credit where credit is due. Mr. Hare is a fair man.

So! Apart from the cowboy boots and the MMM sneaks, all these shoes are available on the French Shoe Porn Channel.

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izzy said...

You have got the most exquisite taste in footwear. The YSL shoes are sublime, I'd love to see them in navy or forest green, even. The Margiela shoes are a clever concept, and are incredibly comfortable too.