Monday, March 02, 2009

Word on the web is...

It's only March 2nd and I have already matched my blogging output for February to the tune of 57.15%. I told you I would make up for it.

Mr. Hare has had a *squizz round all the internet shops in a journalistic capacity and what follows is what was of note. In the last three hours I have looked at some 2-3 thousand men's shoes purely so you do not have to. You may disagree with my selections, but by the same token, you may begin your own blog and challenge my opinions. I welcome your involvement.
YSL gladiator mandals. Mr. Hare is prepared to let YSL get away with anything they do this well.
Mr. Hare has shown these new Gucci loafers before and six months on I'm still feeling them.
You can always rely on that red and green Gucci ribbon to make the simplest things a bit more bling.

As opposed to these which I am not quite sure about yet but can imagine rocking them with confidence in say Miami or Mahiki. Is that place still open?

Common Projects. WYSIWYG.

Gucci again. Guess which bit swung it for Mr. Hare?

Gucci again again. I know they are really basic but...
Oh Dior. The soft grey rocker boot with a cuban heel. Interesting!
Charles Thyrwitt. That's easy for you to say. Yeah I never thought I'd say that name on my blog either but with the right cut of linen...
OOOOOOOh Child! Not many people would get away with these but I am Mr. Hare.
Johnstone and Murphy Saddle shoes. Massively underrated style in my opinion. And could I just say to all the sites who no longer offer enlarged views without those stupid magnifying glass tools, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!"

NDC - I just knew that whole shoe in a washing machine thing would make sense one day. Welcome to the blog!
Brookes Brothers calfe leather bow front evening slipper. Are you man enough?
Possibly Mr. Hare's favourite so far, beside the Gucci ones with the flowers on.
The rest of the page goes to Pierre Hardy purely for the angles and colur palette. There are few shoemen out their who are just doing it consistently like Mr. Hardy. I wont say anymore, you just enjoy them in silence.

*Squizz - That's a quick whizz in on the spot cockney, or Spockney to give it it's technical name.