Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thoughts on Tautz

I am back from India. Dark as a Tamil and with enough curried vegetable goodness pulsing through my veins to outrun a G-wiz. It seems in my absence, not a lot happened...except one thing...the launch of E.Tautz.
Mr. Hare doesn't often get hyper over clothes without touching feeling and appreciating their line but Mr. Patrick Grant of Norton & Sons always cuts a dash and shares Mr. Hare's belief in great clothes not great clothes each season. Therefore when Mr. Grant resurrects a hallowed British sporting and military tailoring firm established in 1867 with the intention of supplying well cut, ready to wear, Mr. Hare pays attention.

Very little gets Mr. Hare more excited than a rolled shoulder and clashing neck and breast pocket wear.
I am about to get on the old blower to Mr. Grant and see if I can get me a closer look.

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Style Salvage Steve said...

Welcome back! I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the dapper Mr Grant and talk through the collection. I even mentioned your collection to him, apparently you know his girlfriend quite well. If you've not done so already, do drop him a line and check out my blog for two E Tautz posts.