Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What else? Oh yeah...

Goyard shoe cleaning kit.
Goyard are opening a store in London soon so guess who will be breezing through there for one of these.
Designer Lollipops. I am thinking of making a Mr. Hare one from passion fruit.
Visvim pull on work boots. You can tell that leather is going to caress your hands as you saddle up. I would be tempted to roll my trousers up to the knee just so no one failed to notice.
Now I wanna be your dog!


EJ said...

Those boots are delicious. The shoe shine kit is also pretty sweet... perhaps it would tempt me to shine my shoes more often?

Mr. Hare said...

Whaddup EJ?

How about that Tautz gear? Did Steve go down there solo dolo again or did you get VIP with Mr. Grant too?

EJ said...

Sadly solo... Missed out on Massey, missed out on Tautz... I'm going to have to get everyone to do a tour of Manchester for me. Reckon I can persuade them?

(In London in april, will your stuff have it the shops by then?)