Monday, March 02, 2009

Back to the shoes & hiSt

Crazy right?
If you have too wear DMs, and lets face it that may be a few of us in the near future, you can at least make them Raf ones. They didn't have that kind of stylistic choice under Thatcher.
More amazing leathery from Natalie Brilli
Mr. Hare is not entirely feeling these but you have to recognise a fresh model when you see one. This from a brand called Lad Musician. Probably Japanese.
Mr. Hare didn't think he would ever yearn for a Comme wallet again, but how wrong one can be.
Jeremy Scott! Every now and then, one of his ideas either puts a smile on your face or actually makes sense. Adidas obviously like a gamble.
Mr. T. Hamilton. He has got that look down now and it's beginning to feel good to Mr. Hare.
My short term memory took a hit since I lifted this picture so I can't remember where I got it but, I do remember it was a cold snowy day and I wanted to be this warm and tweedy. A Mr. Hare goody treat to the first person who can tell me where this suit is from again. Unless it's Duckie Brown in which case I ain't as forgetful as a Wha's name?

And Finally If you are going to dress like you just inherited your Armish uncles wardrobe you could do a lot worse than these Hobo Paraboots that are chanelling the whole made in the US menswear moment and some Prada studdery.


bighatdino said...

I was looking at DMs over the weekend, but I think I'm more of a 8-10 hole man, as it were :)

PS. saw some lime green half-cabs for sale in Londinium.

Mr. Hare said...

Whaddup bighat!
I am with you. I have a pair of 10 hole oxblood Made in Englands that I rock any time I get a blank expression on my face.

Where d'you scope those lime greens homeboy? and I see you have been blogging. Well done!

bighatdino said...

I'm just struggling over choice of DM. I'm sure that, when I was a student, there were only three or four colourways/materials to choose from, and then it was all about how far up your leg you wanted 'em (the punk in me wanted to shy from my grungey mates and go skin-style, maxing out on holes, but I ended up falling in with the crowd).

Saw the limeys at the Vans store in the Westfield, which was a surprise as I've been in there a few times before and not seen them!

Ash said...

Hey Mr. Hare,

Great blog! Yes, that image is from Duckie Brown's FW 09.10 show. You do have a good memory!



EJ said...

Those wallets... must have those wallets...

(btw, still smarting that I couldn't make it down to see your collection in person... I'll just have to hunt them down in shops!)

Mr. Hare said...


Saw those wallets in DSM yesterday and the pics do them only modest justice.

As for the shoes, I am sure we can work something out before you hit the shops, especially if you guys continue to keep telling the world about my shoes.

Thank you.