Thursday, January 29, 2009

Window shopping at Oki-ni...

I was wondering where I was going to get me some of those beautiful grey Nom Des Guerre Redwings so I went for a look at Oki-ni and whadda you know?
So while I was there I thought I would take a look around and the following are what we shall call sub prime purchases. Stuff I couldn't really afford but getting credit would be easy.

Raf x Eastpak
McQueen pearlised belt with the beautiful silver buckle
The Margiela blank cowboy belt.
The knitted McQueen tie
I am still holding out for the sick Lime Green Half Cabs, but these grey badboys are a close second
Mandals Son! I could see me chilling riviera side in these Jil Sanders.

I love the shear simplicity of these Jil Sander apron Derby's. They look so comfortable.
Not many people can do hobo elegance anywhere near as well as Maison Martin Margiela.
And let's finish where we started, with a pair of badass grey boots, this time channeling the entire westcoast pioneering ideal. Maison Martin Margiela again. Who else?


bighatdino said...

This is why you're appearing on Swide lists. Those first boots are lovely, and I wouldn't mind those Vans either. That Eastpak belt is an oddity, most of their items are utilitarian to the nth degree.

Mr. Hare said...

It's the bag above, designed by Raf Simons, which is why it is so good. Everything else they design by themselves is for foriegn language exchange students and interailers.
Still can't find those lime greens though.

bighatdino said...

I did wonder why they'd start making non-canvas belts :P

It's good to have the good construction of Eastpaks but now with added style.

Shame about the limes, they don't seem to be anywhere on the internet. Wish I hadn't seen the Oki-Ni Vans listings though... oof... their selection of Sk8 Hi and Mids is astounding good.