Monday, January 26, 2009

Low End Theories

In 1991 there were Air Jordans and Tribe called Quest's album Low End Theory. That was all I needed that year.

To the effect of nothing, effective fronting
is what I don't allow so let me tell you something
I am a bon-a-fide
Not too modest and not a lot of pride
Soon to have a ride and a home to reside
if my momma is sick I'm by her bedside
Used to watch the show on channel 4 called Riptide
Wash my wears in-side, cause it's too damn cold
out-side, that's how the runnings go
If there ain't no dough then there ain't no show
So take your roly poly fat promoter (ass)
to the Chemical Bank, and get my cash
If you wanna see the people scream and laugh
You best Quest you ass, Quest you ass real fast
Cause I don't wanna see em, start buckin
Throwin chairs in the air while you be duckin
what what? Don't step to me with that
If you promotin the show make sure it ain't wack

Or else I'm leaving ("let me tell you")
I'm leaving ("let me tell you")
I'm leaving ("let me tell you")
Your wack show

First verse of 'Rap Promotor' the heaviest track according to Mr. Hare.

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