Monday, January 26, 2009

More stuff i'm digging...

In no particular order.How fierce is this outfit? I shall discuss the boots later in detail but Mr. Hare is strangely uncomfortable with just how fascinated I am by this look.

Don't really know what I like about this Miharayasuhiro offering...I think it's the boots and the freefalling layers.
Unlike this look from Viktor & Rolf where I know it is all about the Billie Jean socks.
The kid is not my son!

Sometimes it is all about the shape and this oh so elegant, simple look from Hermes is calling me. Like wise the look below.

These two just put a big smile on my face.

I wish I could remember a clever line from Buffalo 66 to put here, but I can't. I hope to cause trouble next winter looking like this.

Angles, angles, angles!

I want this Givenchy scarf.

Mr. Hare is a simple guy who likes a bit of elegance he doesn't need to be precious about. Hence why Lanvin keeps making it on to my blog.

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00o00 said...

in my humble opinion, lucas and alber at lanvin makes a better pairing than marc and paul at vuitton. there's chemistry in the former