Thursday, July 08, 2010

I found her drinking muddy water, sleeping under a hollow log...

I want my loafers to match my belt.
I want my baggy shorts and jeans Prada.
I want my suits double breasted and high buttoning.
I want my t-shirts round necked with no sleeves.
I want my prints Cavalli.
I want my toner cartridge to explode.
I want my trousers and shoes to never meet unless I choose.
I want some bleach.
I want shocking greens and electric blues.
I want my proportions to scare people.
I want Haider Ackerman to send me clothes.
I want Adult Swim to make an Elbaz & Ossendrijver cartoon.


Weronika said...

Oh Dear, some of the laser etching looks familiar. Where did you find it?

Mr. Hare said...

LV SS11. They say it is the highest form of flattery you know.