Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stop me if I sound like a mad person but...

Invisible Socks!

I had always steered well clear of the idea as it was all just too 'Nu-chav' for my sensibilities. I had only ever seen them on Reebok villains, still drunk from the night before with one shoe missing, at Stanstead. They were somewhere on the style barometer near Lynx deodorant, if I am being completely honest.

So I am in Selfridges Sock dept. (second floor, near the chav stuff) looking for some suitable, less sporty, white or off white hosiery to rock with my King Tubby's and Sir Coxsone's.

I have gone, Falke Family, 98% BAUM and Pantherella 100s with the hand linked toe, naturally, when I notice Falke had these 'Invisible Steps'. Now it is not like German's are going to invest heavily on R&D for something only England supporters are going to wear. Possibly with the exception of Crack, I will try anything I can afford in order to have a first hand opinion.

I rocked my invisible socks with my Sir Coxsone's to the Louis Vuitton store opening the other night and it was like going from Lambs wool to cashmere for the very first time. I am living in Forrest Gump type wonderment.

Check it out!
One of my feet is rocking my new 'Falke Invisible Steps'. The other is just plain butt nekkid. Can you tell which is which?This is the closest I have ever come to endorsing another product to enhance the Mr. Hare experience, so don't think it whimsical.

Anyway...I am scaring myself now. I just thought I would share that.


Bob Getty said...

Fresh! I am wearing mine with my Tod's Penny Mocs & Moccassins.

Christopher said...

Never thought about this option before, but a great idea to keep the shoes smell-free, whilst maintaining the casual look with smart footwear! Excellent choice.

Would work for the ever popular boat shoes etc.


thom said...

Mad indeed I picked up a similar pair when I was in Japan, multicoloured n all.
It seems Falke are the only brand I've come across this side who's producing these liners for men. I do prefer the invisibility of the lo cut Steps to the Sneakers though..

StyleSalvage said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I own a few pairs. I've always supported them secretly. I know they're wrong but they are ideal for warmer weather. I might just be one of the Reebok villains you describe above though...You can take the boy outta Margate but...ha!

Anonymous said...

stumbled across them on Kensington High Street...the only genuine option for the no 'almond' summer drop. although personally I am as much a purveyor of the almond as I am of the rhythm so it's RARE as hens teeth that I am out naked.