Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Jenny van Sommers X Taylor Schwarz X Mr. Hare

Jenny van Sommers
. "I met Taylor Schwarz at an art opening in Clerkenwell and we started firing ideas at each other. Over four days we did 6 experimental shoots to work through some of these ideas.

I knew of the Mr Hare phenomenon and thought the shoes would be perfect because of their meticulous construction and classic style. I did not want to do a story with shoes that represented just one moment in fashion but that had a more lasting presence.

Taylor and I are both very interested in the properties of light and reflectivity. We used Mr Hare shoes as objects to explore this."

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vitaminwater said...

mr. hare, we are massive fans and this latest set of photo's look marvelous. so much so we had to blog about you!