Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book now for christmas.

I recently received a very charming email from the Mother of a shoeman, who was enquiring as to whether she could perhaps purchase a gift voucher of sorts, that she could give to her son at christmas and he could then exchange in his own time for the Mr. Hare shoes of his choice from the SS2010 Hot Steppers collection. Naturally I was compelled to oblige as I am still in the "what? you have actually heard of my shoes?" stage.
So I set to thinking about what a Mr. Hare gift voucher should look like. What is a gift voucher? Essentially, a redeemable item that substitutes cash in a later transaction. So when I redeem it what would I like to receive in that transaction? Then I hit upon a brilliant idea. Yes I do say so myself.I went down to Waterstones and purchased this interesting little book, which I inscribed with the basic parameters of the deal and some customary christmas messages. So now, instead of having a one use only gift voucher which one might lose before one actually gets around to using, one has a gift voucher, a thought provoking work, the prospect of the freshest Mr. Hare shoes secured, a personal audience with myself, the obligation of previewing the book for me (instant icebreaker) and a sort of green recycling feel good sensation at the most frenzied consumerist time of the year.
Now a word about the book I chose on this occasion. Exercises in Style - A short story is retold in 99 different styles by Raymond Queneau. Awesome!

So... If you are stuck for that perfect gift for the cherished shoeman and bookist in your life, then let Mr. Hare help. I am always up for a good book recommendation.


couillesduchien said...

such a sophisticate, Monsieur Pinal. See what I did there?!

themusicologist said...

Mr. Hare
I just NEED to say that yours are the finest damn 'rhythm and blues' I have seen in many years. The Orwells have taken my breath away. I must own a pair, (Size 10), are they available?

Mr. Hare said...

Hey Dogsnuts! Did you see what I did there? No I don't know what you mean.

Mr. Musicologist.

You may get some Orwells at www.oki-ni.com if they have any left.
If not, we will have more in stock at the beginning of February. So holla at me then.

Mr. Hare.

themusicologist said...

February it will have to be then as no joy at Oki-Ni.
looks like sleepless nights it will be until then !!

themusicologist said...

p.s the stingray of course !!

couillesduchien said...

It was an anagram of' Lapin' - a wee nod to M. Queneau and his wordplay. Bit obscure, but still. I thought you might be up to it!

'As an author, Queneau came to general attention in France with the publication in 1959 of his novel Zazie dans le métro [....] The first word of the book, the alarmingly long "Doukipudonktan" is a phonetic transcription of "D'où qu'ils puent donc tant?" "Why do they stink so much?".

PS 'Dogsnuts' is a little crude, n'est-ce pas?!

Mr. Hare said...

Crude perhaps but I too was tipping a nod to Ray-dog by countering your erudite style with my more base rude style. Naturellement.

Also if you had said Monsieur Virele, or something like that I might also have got that cryptic you posed.

This is so much fun.

How's my cake coming along?

couillesduchien said...

Your cake is in the dog.

Of course!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Oh man, I hope Susie read this post...

Abraham said...

That's the best Christmas/Gift Certificate I have ever seen. I'm trying to figure out a way to order a pair of your 5.5cm highs for men. Can I get them delivered to the states?