Friday, December 12, 2008

Mr. Hare at Mr. Margiela's new shop.

Maison Martin Margiela in Bruton Place has closed down because the building was condemned, so it has relocated to 22 Bruton Street instead. Opposite the Bentley showroom. Mr. Hare went along to the launch soiree, journalistically.
The Invite

The store, in true MMM style, is basically a glass and mirror box inside the original building shell with all the rough edges exposed and white. It's pretty dope.

The whole back and hidden side section is dedicated to Men.

Here is Mr. Lobban contemplating the pros and cons of fiscal as opposed to monetary measures in kickstarting a retail revival in the coming SS season.

This is some jewellery.

The whole store uses a lot of mirrors which places you in some crazy, hall of mirrors type situations in certain locations.
Here is Mr. Freeland scientifically testing the fitting rooms for robotics compatibility.
Mr. Hare can confirm there is probably enough room even for enthusiastic up-rocking.

Down to the very last details it is pure Margiela all the way.

Mr. Alex Fury of Showstudio talking to the lovely Ms. Croft. Remember him from fashion weak.

Mr. Longo in some savoury wingtipped tassle loafers and way pink socks seen here talking to Ms. Mower in printed Converse.

Snakeskin manboots and friend.

Mr. Trevor Griffiths from Dover Street Market rocking turquoise boat shoes looking badass in his Kangol.
Mr. George 'the mantern at Rubbish mag' Ryan in black and white wingtips from Barker Black.
Note to self. Mr. Edgely's Vandals were looking dope with the gold. Add to christmas list.

Mr. Lobban in Dior Homme.

Outfit of the night goes, hands down, to Mr. Carson McColl for these audacious mosaic jeans.

I know what you are all thinking. "What was the gift?" Well, Mr. Hare was delighted with this "Bare Nang" Maison Martin Margiela off white on white football scarf. Come on you whites!

100% wool. Perfect for the sub zero nights we are experiencing.

This is how I am thinking of rocking it.


00o00 said...

that is so cool!
i would kill for that scarf, any chance of a spare one lying around??

the factualist said...

it looks like it was shoes-tastic !