Friday, June 22, 2012

Had I not been Mr. Hare...

I would have liked to have been Frank Ocean !!



The Flame said...

Orh that's aalll I listen to lately.
Nice one!

Walter LIU said...

I just bought a pair of Fela shoes through Mr. Porter (Really sorry I got it at 50% discount). I absolutely love it! I found it as good as John Lobb(Hardly affordable) and better than Ferragamo(My past favorate). Really wish you can build a successful shoes empire! I also think you can make women's shoes which are much easier to sell than men's cuz they are incredibly impractical. Best Wishes

Good Will Rabbit said...

Hi Mr. Hare,

This is not really a comment but more of a question about your Miller captoe's sizing. I have recently bought a pair of navy Miller from LN-CC and love it so much. But the question is I got a UK10 when I am generally a UK9.5. I bought the shoes before I read on Mr. Porter that I should probably go down to the nearest whole size, UK9, for the best fit. But I am in the US returning to the UK could cost a significant money, therefore I just want to make sure what I will be getting if I decided to exchange for UK9. The sole reason that I wanted to exchange is that I get a lot of room in the toe box, is that normal? Also, I find that the ball of my feet is pretty spot on after I insert shoe pads.

Could you give me some advice, please?

Thank you.

Mr. Hare said...

Whaddup The Flame. I haven't stopped playing Frank since I first downloaded Nostalgia Ultra last year. He will be soooooo big.

Hey Walter, Thanks for the kind words. All those other shoe brands are heroes to me so I am honoured to get mentioned inthe same sentence. Btw, you are very fortunate to get those Felas on sale as they only go on sale when there are just a few odd sizes left, so well done. As for women's shoes, don't you think there are enough of those already? One day maybe, but for now I have to perfect my men's first.

Good Will Rabbit, all our shoes on the Miller last have plenty of toe room. It is what makes those shoes so elegant and narrow. I always recommend people go up a size when they are a half size as the width is the important fitting. I myself am a 10.5 but wear size 11s in Mr. Hare. If your foot doesn't slip around then don't change a thing.