Thursday, November 03, 2011

Gorgeous !!

How nice are these handmade boots from Feit?

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intitials AO said...

Hi everyone

Agree! MR HARE shoes and boots definitely rocks! When British style meets with Italian quality, here’s an amazing result!
This season’s highlight on white rubber sole shoes was so massive that I wanted to focus on it also. I do like some of them (MR. HARE HANNIBAL XI LEATHER BOOTS are strikingly COOL!). Don’t like some others from other brands. Anyway, it takes all sorts to make a world ;-). A deep focus on these shoes, called “White rubber sole shoes for everyone - Part I (high tops)”, featuring Visvim, Diemme & Mr Hare models + brands banckground available here:

And more photos in wider format on initials AO fanpage

Hope you’ll enjoy.
Keep on sharing your coolest stuffs with us!

Patrick from initials AO