Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If the phone didn't ring, it was me...

In case you were wondering what your faithful correspondent had been up to of late, I have been in Mykonos. Now, obviously I wasn't brandishing a camera everytime I was having a good time, but these phonetos will give you some idea.

Not the biggest pool but that bay behind took an hour and twenty minutes to swim round everyday. Which we did... most days.
Ben, Jer, Cess, Lara 2, Lara 1 and Er at one of my top five restraunts in the world which shall remain nameless as it is busy enough already. I have the new Emanuelle camera setting on my phone. Have you ?

Britt getting down.

Needless to say we saw as many sunrises as sunsets.

Lara: Do you like my festival look? Me: Have you come as a party tent?
You had to be there.

Pick a fish. Any fish.

Some Friends

My most unusual birthday present. It's an ashtray too.

Who is Gregory Crewdson anyway?

Ornos from Ammos.

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