Monday, June 07, 2010

I was dancing in a lesbian bar.

Since this nice spell of weather has befriended London I have spent far too much time there, so this weekend I decided to up sticks and head for Cornwall.

This is how things looked when we arrived on Friday afternoon.
2-4ft sets. Two mates. No wind. Secret sandbank somewhere near the North Coast Cornwall/Devon boarder. Proper job.
To give you some idea of the walk down to the beach, those dots to the left are people...

...It's twenty minutes from here.

This is what I am riding. It's a Fatboy Flyer from Beach Beat. 7'2 with loads of foam in the body to keep my flailing lazy ass afloat. Pointy nose easy for duck diving and swallow tailed so I can actually turn the log. I have had it 5 years now.

The next day we went to visit this board shaper named Rob who makes Royal surfboards.
Hardly any of his boards are conventional. He likes to experiment with shapes and channels and concaves and volumes and fin placements. He is from the Bahamas via Brazil and Newcastle.

I was completely jealous of his 'Lovejoy' sticker on the fridge.
It didn't take a lot to persuade Rob to down tools on this gorgeous number he was working on and join us for a surf at high, but falling tide Crackington Haven.

He rode this.
Neil rode this.

I was just fascinated by the floor of his workshop.

This is my mate Dan's house up in the canopy near Tintagel.

This is where we rested our surf aching limbs each night. She is called Wendy.

All the while Jonathan Richman was playing on the CD.

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