Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I went from Ashy, to nasty, to glassy...

It has been quite some time since I last got to sit at my computer and blog, so I saved up a few stories to share at this time. So for a few moments...please indulge me.

The London Fashion Week Menswear Installation.

It was a simple premise. Choose a background. Choose a shoe.

Choose a prop and create your own pictures of Mr. Hare shoes. I hope you will be able to view the results on various blogs over the coming weeks.

My latest obsession has been to create a Mr. Hare heel for men.
I present Truffaut, Bazin and Godard.
Truffaut comes in black or brown calf leather.
Bazin comes in Ssuede or high Shine leather in black or brown.
Godard is calf and suede and comes in black or brown.

The scotchgrain Miller with high shine toe cap

The Huxley is a wholecut in high shine leather
Huxley differs from the Fela by being adorned by the Mr. Hare 'Donnie Darko" brogue pattern.

The Threetone Miller.
Patent leather, calf letaher and suede.
This is the tan version but you can also have it in black.

The 2010 Fitzgerald.
I put the white in the middle.
It looks like a whole new shoe.

This is Amanda Grace Johnson who features in my forthcoming Mr. Hare film epic. more on that soon.

I visited the factory recently and was taken by the light and dark of Firenze.

The Duomo is a technical marvel up close.
it looks too big to be supported merely by the church underneath it.

I peeped in the window of Arfango. Just love their playaness.
Some one told me they had loafers where the tassels detach to make cufflinks.

The night time view from the Hotel Lumbargo.
check out the reflection of the bridges in the moonlit water.

The ponte vecchio at night.

Prior to Firenze I was in Paris presenting the new 'Miss Your Air' collection.
I stayed at my second home, Hotel Amour and discovered room 31.
One whole wall is an entire glass case displaying 70's original copies of PHOTO and ZOOM magazine, interspersed with various novella and eritic art.

I reccomend the "carafe des salice" from the wine menu.

Beautiful bathroom

During a quiet moment I was taken aback at how good Fitzgeralds look even in the dark.

Some wall details.

And so finally onto the 'Miss Your Air' collection.
It was a loveletter to Paris which is a town I love.
My British sensibilities employed some Italian craftsmen,
to make some shoes dedicated to Paris.
Some old favourites.
Some old favourites with some new ideas.
A totally new last.
Man Heels to be proud of.

Firstly, Stingray fans should watch out for some new and exclusive exotics coming your way.

The 2010 Fitzgerald in black,black,black.

The 2010 Fitzgerald in Black & White.

The Suede Huxley with Mr. Hare 'Donnie Darko' Brogue pattern.

The 2010 Fitzgerald in Black & White acting non chalant.

That's right!
It is the Genet.
The wait is over.
Coming to an awesome store near you in AW10.

The Wolfe Galosh.

The Scotch Grain Miller with High Shine leather toe cap in black.

The Black Kerouac. If I had a £ for every email about...

The Tan Vachetta Kerouac.

Those Threetone Millers. They look good enough to eat.

The High Shine Huxley. Doing what it does best, which is shining.

This is the Bazin. Bazin was a french film critic who was a major influence on the leading directors of French new wave cinema, which went on to change the entire perspective of cinema and how to tell a story through movies. The Bazin will physically change your perspective because you will be viewing the world 5.5cms higher.
I am particularly taken by the fullness of the toe area and am proud to say that that is a solid leather heel.
This is Truffaut. A calf leather ankle jodphur boot riding on 5.5 cubans

For some reason, I forgot to take a picture of the Godard in all it's glory, but Stevie Salvage did and you can see it here.
The first time I went to Paris aged ten, I remember standing under the leg of the Eiffel Tower and it was soooooo big, you could still see the top of it. I had never seen anything so big at that age. It is always the first thing I think of if someone says Paris.

You remember the Orwell right?

By the time you read this I will be here.
Surfing my ass off. Getting my chill on. Designing SS2011 and getting ready for the next installment.

Thank you for indulging me.


Michael K said...

A glorious post. Your blog's loss has been the world of footwear's gain!

My tan Capotes are due to arrive shortly and I can't wait to walk around town this summer.

Seeing this sneak preview of A/W has got me equally excited. I am thrilled Genet has made it. I missed the Fitzgeralds first time round - a mistake I definitely won't repeat second time around!

Tom said...

I died and went to shoe heaven. Everything is sooo delicious Marc! Love the introduction of the heels and the rework of Mr. Hare "classics".

00o00 said...

i need The Wolfe Galosh.
please speed up production, i cannot wait 6 months!

Lust For Shoes said...

I adore the stingray derbys. Actually, I adore everything on this site.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful. looking forward to the genets, the orwells, and the high shine huxleys in particular. how do you continue to bring this type of heat every time haha? it's truly amazing

kiKo said...

Loving the collection! Just check colette.fr and saw your shoes. Big congrats for this sells! Can wait to see more from you.


Sayehan said...

Totally amazing collection. I love the Stingray design element and the shoe is going to be a definite party staple! :)